It’s time to live Active & Ageless...

for life!


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Go from

I'll start next week

to fitness consistency, even if:

* You have no idea where to start

* You're not sure what to do

* Your fitness plans fade - fast

This book shows you the simple path to fitness consistency you can use for the rest of your life.

since I started following your plan, you have motivated me to be exactly what your book is entitled.... Fit: Active & Ageless for LIFE. I feel like I'm living your book — Linda

Order on Amazon? Email with subject line BOOK to receive your bonuses

Master the Fun-Fit-Freedom formula that Kelly uses with her private, 1:1 clients.

Discover your

North Star

With the right motivation it's easy to move forward, instead of running away from what we don't want...The extra weight, lack of energy and wishing things were different!

Learn to overcome the Five Consistency Killers

Staying on track is easy when you understand and can recognize the five factors that stop us in our tracks, every single time.

Come away with a simple, custom fitness plan - built exactly for you and your lifestyle!

Workout plans fail when they don't focus on who you are, the life you lead, and your dreams. Cookie-cutter plans don't work!

Learn how a touch of Adventure creates magic in your fitness

Adventure is different for each of us, but if you find the idea of fun, fit and free appealing, you're in the right place!

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* The Fitness Workout Builder - Simply enter your personal information and then download your fitness builder - pick from dozens of options to create your perfect plan!

* The Freedom Journal

Over 45 pages of editable & printable resources to help you track your progress, plan your journey, and serve as a roadmap for your fitness goals.

* 1:1 Client Plan Creation Series
This video series has never been shared before. You’ll feel like you’re looking over my shoulder as I create fitness and adventure plans for my 1:1 clients. From Level One beginners to long-term enthusiasts, you will learn to craft your plan and a life of fun, fitness, and freedom.

Order on Amazon? Email with subject line BOOK to receive your bonuses

Hey there - I'm Kelly

and I’m here to say that with a few changes, some new tactics, the right know-how and a plan you design with my help this whole fitness consistency thing becomes a breeze. Plus when you learn some simple habit shifts, how to find the right accountability, and become a part of a community that has your back, you’ll be seeing big changes in no time at all. I guarantee it!

Before Kelly, I didn’t trust myself to stick with my fitness goals. I can honestly say that I do now.  I've learned to trust myself to stick to my fitness plans and follow through.  I feel great. Kelly has taught me that every week/month/year we wait to focus on our fitness, is a week/month/year we have lost! (and it feels like I don't have a lot of time to lose at this stage in life :) Get this book!

— Patti, client

This book is for you if... start a workout plan only to realize two weeks later you’ve already quit

you if you privately worry that this is as good as it will get, that maybe it really is time to throw in the towel hurts – your back, neck, joints, knees, whatever, and you’re secretly terrified that this is how you’ll feel for good

...if you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to stick for good

you find yourself at square one, again and again, a little heavier, a little less energetic, and a lot more worried

Not on my watch!

Order on Amazon? Email with subject line BOOK to receive your bonuses