Episode – 008 Progress

Remember the old saying about “the best laid plans of mice and men”? It’s important to keep in mind because life often has a way of intruding on our carefully crafted work schedules and workout routines. While it’s easy to feel down ourselves in these situations for not accomplishing everything we hope to, it’s important to take a gradual approach to personal progress that allows us to feel good by taking small but important steps.


In this episode, Kelly discusses how to pick yourself up after stumbling, find solace in the little steps you take, and why you should take a hard look at the reasons you’ve set certain goals.


The Finer Details of This Episode:

-Dispelling the illusion of “perfection,” and finding an alternative.

-The benefits of loosely focused rather than laser-focused action.

-Kelly’s kayaking experience and taking it one step at a time.

-Considering what you really, truly want out of your goals.

-Plan little celebrations for each successful step you take!





“Occasionally we get exactly perfectly what it is we set out to accomplish, but mostly life’s a little messy.”


“Progress means you’re moving forward, even if you’re not moving forward at superhuman speed.”


“Perfectionism sets an improbable and unsustainable standard.”


“Remember to look back and be gentle with yourself when you don’t hit your goals.”


“Look forward at what you want, look back at what you accomplished.”




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