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Is it time to...

* Get in shape
* Dump the bad habits
* Lose the quarantine 15
* Limit the sugar & wine
* Make a workout plan & stick to it
* Have real accountability & motivation

Fit is Freedom ~ a simple 4-step process that takes you from wishing & to results!

If you’re like most successful women, you know how important exercise and nutrition is.

However there’s just one problem…

You're busy. Life is crazy and it's harder then ever to start
(and stick to) fitness goals & better habits.

Especially when willpower vanishes and life just keeps happening!

I’m no longer hoping things will magically get better. And  I’m not, ‘letting go’ and accepting the idea anymore “that’s just the way it is when you get this age.  Kelly has shown me how to make myself and my fitness a priority in easy ways.”

Rita H.

“I’m back on track with my fitness following several injuries. Kelly’s guidance is the perfect balance of encouragement, direction, motivation as well as reminders to not overdo it (which I am often guilty of).”

Pamela W.
Entrepreneur & Activist

“I kept prioritising my family and business over my health and fitness and I knew something had to change. With the support and accountability from the group and Kelly’s expert help I’m now making time in my week to care for myself with exercise, and conscious food choices!

Ali E., copywriter

There are three mistakes smart women make when it comes to fitness that costs them time, money, and frustration again and again. One size fits all diets, workout plans that don’t work with their lifestyle, and not incorporating mindset with brain-power.

95% of the diets and exercise plans we’re sold are unrealistic. They may work for the short-term, but if they don’t work for a lifetime then they’re useless. I’m Kelly Howard and I’ve spent 17 years helping clients create confidence and fitness using quick, easy, and realistic methods so they can do the things they want to do, for a lifetime.

When you incorporate the right mindset with your best actions you create a lifetime of fitness and fun.

Introducing the

Fit is Freedom Experience

16-weeks** of coaching, accountability, personalized workouts and food plans, motivation, habit shifting, an online Member Portal & community designed for you to get fit, fast.

Weekly Topics & Focus

Week 1

Your Why & Workout Plans Created

Week 2

How to schedule your workouts & why “time” is never the problem

Week 3

Finding your domino habit & creating a nutrition plan at works for You

Week 4

Revise your workout plan & how to make accountability work for you

Week 5

What you need to track and don’t & the role of sugar and fat in fitness

Week 6

What’s working, not working, and why?

Week 7

Tactics to stay on track during the holidays

Week 8

How to cement in your new Mindset, Motivations & Movement going forward!

** 2 Programs for the price of one!  We complete this series in mid-December.  There will be 2 bonus weeks in early January and then you can re-start the program beginning late January. 

Just think, start 2021 with your resolutions already achieved and then aim for more!

Are you ready to finally be

Fit is Freedom

16 weeks
& bonuses
$ 597 Or 3 payments of $215
  • Save $474
  • Follow in person
    or on your timeframe

Fit is Freedom
+ Coaching

3 private coaching calls
+ all the above
$ 757 or 3 payments of $275
  • save $1064
  • Includes customized
    plans for your life & lifestyle
Best value

What's Included

1:1 Coaching Option


Jump on a quick call with Kelly or a coach and get your questions answered in person.

Do you ever...

You have 3 options:

Throw in the towel. & believe it won't get better.

Keep doing the same thing and “hope” it gets better.

OR, you can do something easy that actually works.

The fact that you’re reading this tells me you’re the kind of person who doesn’t quit.

You want more from life. Something that works, is simple and doesn’t leave you struggling to find the time to fit everything else in. You want accountability, community, and maybe even secretly someone to tell you it’s ok if you don’t workout 6 days a week. You want to know how big changes can happen with small, clear-cut course corrections.

You’re in the right place.

What will transformation feel like?

Imagine, it’s early 2021 and we’re hanging out. I ask, “What was your goal for the program”? You answer with one or all of these:

I wanted to fit into my old jeans, lose weight, feel proud when I looked in the mirror, gain muscle. I wanted to quit feeling old, with no energy. Like I wasn’t sexy anymore. I wanted to trust myself to workout and have healthy habits

Next, The million dollar question. “How do you feel today, what’s changed, what’s working now?”

Your smile lights up the room:

“It’s funny. I was having lunch with a friend yesterday and she said I seemed different, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. I just looked younger, healthier and happier. What was I doing?”

You’re waking up excited, sticking to your workouts, sleeping well, having fun and feeling vibrant, like you can do anything you want to and it’s an amazing feeling.
That’s what I want for you

I wasn’t in shape and thought nothing was more important than my business to-do list. Exercise certainly wasn’t a priority! My body didn’t feel great and my mind wasn’t clear. I wanted to accountable and motivated to take care of myself because I’ve tried accountability before with a friend, and it never sticks!

Today, I feel great and sleep better. I remember one very specific day about 4-5 weeks into the program, I was walking down my stairs and caught myself in the mirror and thought, wow-my legs look so much better and I feel so much stronger, that’s what had been missing. Feeling good inside and out and remembering mindset of how important it was. My mindset is back.

Kelly is the fitness-life-health-guru and it’s important the program is run by someone so passionate about seeing everybody hit their goals and win at life and fitness!

Jenny F.
business owner

Getting into shape and feeling good is so much easier than we’ve been lead to believe.

Give me a “hell yes” if you’re sooooo over strict, by the letter diets, following exacting workouts that only leave you bored or worse, injured. Daily dates with the scale that that make or break you mentally every time you step on.

Have you ever considered…

  • That fitness is a long-game, quick fixes don’t work forever.

  • That willpower isn’t real.

  • With the right habits, everything becomes easier.

  • That your best friend or life partner will NEVER be a good Accountability Buddy!

  • That when you have the right fitness plan, everything falls in place.  

  • If it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable.

  • Being in shape is important if we want to feel great, forever.

  • That so many of us start our fitness journey thinking we want to lose weight.  But, we stay the course knowing we want to have fun, adventures, play more, feel better and enjoy our lives and relationships to the fullest.

Introducing the

Fit is Freedom Experience

16-weeks of coaching, accountability, motivation, habit shifting, personalized workouts and food plans, an online Member Portal & a thriving, generous community designed for you to get in shape, lose weight and feel great, fast.

So much can happen in a few short weeks...

You can lose weight, gain muscle (a lot of muscle if it’s been a while). Wake up energetic and stay that way all day.  Sleep better and lose the brain fog. Have fun & have things to look forward to.

Just follow the 4-Step Process

Step 1

Motivation & Mindset

Deep down, you know what needs to be done.  There’s some fine-tuning needed – best exercises, the right food, motivational magic and timing.  And WHY you want it, what’s the mindset that goes with the motivation? Anyone can make an exercise schedule, or shop for the “right” foods, but after the shiny wears off (usually in just a couple of weeks) what’s left are empty promises.  I’ll get to the gym tomorrow. One cheat won’t matter…

We use the 80/20 rule
Ever quit exercising because you quit exercising?  Dropped the diet because you had a cheat day that turned into a cheat-week?  I hate to say this, but this shit happens. And, the only thing that fixes it is to forgive yourself and start over.  Miss a day of exercise, np.  We won’t give you grief. Miss a week, it’s time to regroup and restart, we have your back!

Movement & Food

Drop the boring, set-in-stone workout plans, and use our tested movement schedule instead.
If your exercise is boring, it’s not sustainable.  If your workout plan is overwhelming, you won’t follow it.  When we’re having fun, it’s easy to maintain what we do. What really matters is creating a lifetime habit of movement.  We start where you are, or aren’t, moving. Build up consistently and gradually because the last thing you want to do is go-all-in and get injured!  Want to connect with a fitness guru? Join a call and ask a question.

There’s no “absolute” diet.
If you’re doing something that’s working for you, awesome.  Keep doing it. If what you’re doing isn’t working, we have a nutrition specialist who will be leading calls and answering your questions.  Often the best diet is what you add back into your menu, not what you take away.  

It’s all about trust, in ourselves.
When we’ve “started” to workout. “Tried” to lose weight. Joined the gym and only go for a week. or a month. Deep down, we quit trusting ourselves. It chips away until we’re afraid to make another goal, start a new program. You don’t trust yourself to stick with you said. I trust you and you’re going to start trusting yourself, and it feels great.

Step 2

Step 3

Habit Shifting & Upgrades

Habit shifting works. Getting rid of what isn’t serving us. Starting habits that make lead to big changes. Incorporating tiny habits into our daily lives.  Understanding what makes a habit, what’s a trigger, and why they matter so very much.  

Everyone has habits that if added or removed will make BIG, quick, domino changes.  But they are HARD.  You’ll learn how to add, subtract, shift those habits to make the biggest changes in life possible, quickly.

Upgrading is a secret sauce.  When we upgrade those areas of our life that we’re not prioritizing ourselves, where we’re letting ourselves down.  Magic happens. 

Scheduling & Accountability

How about accountability with people who are serious (and excited) about making real change?
We get it.  Apps are, well they’re apps, just more screen time. Best friends and partners are lousy accountability buddies.  Our weekly accountability check-ins give you like-minded friends to connect with and cheer you on.  Checking off your wins leads to more wins, every time!

If it’s not scheduled it’s not real.  If you’re over-scheduled it’s not sustainable.  We work with your goals & busy life to determine what you need to do.  And when you can fit it in.  No one needs one more thing on their to-do they can’t get done.  We all need a workout plan that works with our life and dreams.

Friends. Best Fitness Friends.
How often do you feel alone, wishing you had someone to share this journey with? Do you wish you could reach out, connect with someone else who knows what you’re going through?  You’re in luck.  You’re going to meet the best of the best here. 

Accountability ~ it’s about learning to trust yourself.
I trust you and you’re going to start trusting yourself, and it feels amazing.

Step 4

This will work for you if...

Through my 20 years of coaching women on hiking, biking, kayaking, and backpacking, I’ve learned that with a foundation of fitness, using learned motivation, and a dash of fun, anything is possible.

This proven process works for…

  • Women who are just starting their fitness journey 
  • Women tired of always thinking about their weight.  Isn’t there an easier way to get into shape than to lie and die by the numbers on the scale? 
  • Women who have been athletes, and have been side-tracked by injuries 
  • Women who are ready to put themselves first.  Who recognize that “putting your oxygen mask on first” means you’ll have more to give to family, friends and work.

Here’s Exactly What You'll Get:

Weekly Coaching

Each week during the join us live for group coaching or catch the replay. Recordings are posted in your Member Portal & the Member FB Community. Prior to the calls, download your Fit Sheet and follow along.

Weekly Accountability

Accountability check-in every Sunday. Need a little push or extra motivation? Check-in, cheer a friend on and then get back to life. Post your personal goals for the week and let us know how you are doing and how we can help. Accountability keeps you moving forward when willpower is long gone.

Weekly Live Q&A Calls

Weekly Live Zoom Q&A calls with Kelly. Need workout pointers, help getting on track, suggestions for fitting it all in? Kelly is there to personally help you get it right. If you can’t make the Q&A live, simply email your question and Kelly will tag you in her response to you.

Member Portal

Included in your program is full, lifetime access to all updates, trainings, coaching replays, guest expert trainings, Fit Sheets, Bonuses and the future coaching call calendar. Everything can be found inside your private Member Portal.

Daily Accountability text with Kelly

Feeling a little fragile, like some hand-holding would be a great thing? Sign up for daily text check-in with Kelly. Each day you'll receive a motivation reminder and you can reply with your personal wins and goals for the day.

Lifetime Access

You have lifetime access to the entire program, including all new coaching calls. You can repeat the program as many times as you want. Need a shot of motivation? Join the call. Ready to repeat the program from start to finish? We want you to join us!

Community & Friends

Connect with your new BFF (Best Fitness Friends) in the very private Member Community via FB. Post your workouts, connect with your accountability group, ask questions, jump on weekly Q&A lives. A community gives you a 95% higher chance of reaching your goals.

Workout & Wellness Plan + Fit Sheets

You decide what you want, we give you the tools to keep you on track. Weekly Fit Sheets follow the coaching calls. Start as small or as big as you want. Traveling? Grab the Fit Sheet on how to workout, eat well and stay on track on the road. Want to focus on drinking water or better sleep? Smart. Want to cut back on the wine? You’re not the only one. Training for a 10K, focusing on losing weight, these are your personal goals and they vary wildly from member to member. What doesn’t waver is our commitment to your success. Fit is Freedom Scheduling system teaches you how to get the most out of your workouts in the smallest amount of time!

Expert Trainings

From nutrition, to exercise to mindset to habit management we’re bringing in the best of the best. You’ll receive pre-recorded Master Classes and live weekly calls. And, you’ll meet some of the top experts in the world like Jim Fortin; NeuroPersuasion and Habit expert to Michele Drilick, CEO of DestinyWell and hormonal stress expert, to Dr. Julia Gruber Gut Health Expert, authors and trainers.

The Fit is Freedom Process uses learned motivation, layered accountability, and simple habit shifts to help you create your fitness success from the inside out.

Take it from Julia, who learned how to actually stick to her goals

Or Kay, who became a long distance cyclist

And Jenny, who met her inner athlete

Are you ready to finally be

Fit is Freedom

& bonuses
$ 597 Or 3 payments of $215
  • Save $474
  • Follow in person
    or on your timeframe

Fit is Freedom
+ Coaching

3 private coaching calls
+ all the above
$ 757 or 3 payments of $275
  • save $1064
  • Includes customized
    plans for your life & lifestyle
Best value

What's Included

1:1 Coaching Option


Jump on a quick call with Kelly or a coach and get your questions answered in person.

You're backed by our 60-day

100% money back guarantee

(When was the last time a gym guaranteed you results?)

If you’re on the fence…Or if you can’t count the number of times you’ve invested money in your fitness goals only to have them fall flat.  Then I want to give you EVERY possible chance to excel.

We’re proud of our success rate and absolutely know if you’re willing to do the work, you’re going to experience how easy it can be to turn your fitness into something that is working for you, 24/7.

You have a full 2 MONTHS to go through the coaching calls, online program, accountability teams and community support.  If you’re doing the work and it’s not working, let us know.

What will you do?

Lose weight

Feel sexy

Hike the Appalachian trail

Run a 5k

Feel like an athlete

Sleep really, really well

Drink less

Never feel “old”

Take charge of your workout schedule

Trust yourself to hit your goals

Recover from injuries that held you back

Make friends who do more than eat & drink

Drop that bad habit that hurts

Wear your skinny jeans

Pass a mirror and smile

Hi, I’m Kelly and I am so glad you’re here.

One morning a number of years ago I started to sit up and collapsed back into bed gasping. I was in so much pain I couldn’t move. I’d been getting by, not thriving, when it came to my health. Thinking I could “do-all-the-things” (running a business, caretaker for my mom, keeper of the family, general contractor for the new house) and then one day I would find  the time to start focusing on my own health and fitness. I thought I was immune to time.

With a background in fitness, training others and adventure I knew exactly what steps needed to happen to recover and thrive (even if I hadn’t been doing it). It was time for a change and I came back stronger and fitter than ever.  

Looking around I realized all my friends were on a similar merry-go-round.  

Smart. Busy. Successful, they were all repeating the working woman’s mantra – “Next week, next month, then I have time, then I’ll focus on my fitness, lose weight, get my energy back”.  Another week would fly by.

That’s when the Fit is Freedom movement was born. I’ve had the privilege to help 100’s of women transform their health and lifestyle and reach their full potential, feel great and have fun! 

I would be honored if you would join our “movement”… it never matters where you’re starting from the only thing that counts is you want a transformation, whatever that means for you! 

I know how it feels to not feel good. To think that maybe it’s time to throw in the towel, that just maybe it’s all downhill from here…baloney!  Our bodies are amazingly resilient. How we think about our fitness is as important as what we do. Energy comes from movement. If we aren’t having fun, then what we’re doing is not sustainable. Play, friends, community and commitment will get you a 1000% further than another diet-of-the-month.

I can’t wait to connect!

The Fit is Freedom Experience is PERFECT for you if…

This is NOT for you if…

You in?

Aren’t you the Smart One! Here’s what’s next!

Step 1

Click the yellow button to sign up and complete your registration.

Step 2

Check your email for your login details and add the calls & Q&A’s to your calendar.

Step 3

Jump into the private Facebook community and introduce yourself.

Step 4

Congratulations, you’ve just changed the trajectory of your life. It’s time to celebrate!

If you’re thinking this sounds great,

but something is still holding you back, let me ask you a question...

How long have you been thinking that it’s time for a change?  That each year getting back in shape is getting a little harder.  What could transformation look like to you?


Three months from now you’re either going to be thanking yourself or you’re going to wonder what’s it going to take for you to finally change, or if change is ever going to be possible for you”  

Don’t let this happen


There’s something else magical about joining today.  We are offering lifetime access to the entire program.  Yep, you can join in on the coaching calls as many times and sessions as you wish.  Need a pick-me-up? Jump in for one week or ten. You’ll have lifetime access to the Member Portal, all Fit Sheets, all recordings, the FB community and all program updates.  


Plus, you have lifetime access to the accountability group, because we all need a little accountability alchemy now and then.     

Don’t miss out!

What people asked before signing up for the Fit is Freedom Experience

You can do one payment of $597 and save some $$ or 3 payments of $215.

If you choose 1:1 coaching you can do one payment of $757 and save $’s or 3 payments of $275

Yes.  We have 60-day money back guarantee.

You decide how much time you are going to spend on the calls, the Fit Sheets and in the community.  We suggest that use some of your coaching time working out. There’s no rule that says sitting and listening is better!  In fact, we’ve been known to give prizes to members who show crazy, fun resourcefulness with their during-coaching-workouts 😀

You have lifetime access to the online program, replays and you can join in on all future coaching calls.  Do the entire program over or just jump on when you need a lift. 

Women come into this program having not done anything for years to triathletes looking for friends and a supportive community.  You start where you are currently and then you will step up your fitness every time you recommit.

Are you ready to finally be

Fit is Freedom

& bonuses
$ 597 Or 3 payments of $215
  • Save $474
  • Follow in person
    or on your timeframe

Fit is Freedom
+ Coaching

3 private coaching calls
+ all the above
$ 757 or 3 payments of $275
  • save $1064
  • Includes customized
    plans for your life & lifestyle
Best value

What's Included

1:1 Coaching Option

Excited about the Fit is Freedom Program but just have a few questions before you join?

Here's a link to Kelly's calendar, she's available to answer your questions and she'll let you know if this is a good fit for you, or not!