the Fit is Freedom Consistency Series

because consistent is the New Sexy

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It’s time to be someone filled with vitality, health, wellness, laughter.

Someone Fit, free, and having fun!

Trying new things. Acing what she already does. Dancing under the stars with a big smile on her face. And absolutely knowing that she is ready for whatever comes next, be it a trip, a grandkid or a grand adventure!

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Fit is Freedom Experience, a lifetime access fitness program that empowers women 50+ to live their fullest, healthiest and freest lives.

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the Fit is Freedom Consistency Series...

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3/16 – Day 1: The Fitness Step You Need Before Everything Else

– The one non-negotiable thing you need to nail
– Why your fitness plan comes second
– How you’ll find the TIME you need once you take this step
– This is the most often overlooked step in fitness
– When you honor your secret desires – everything falls into place

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3/17 – Day 2: What’s Holding You Back Isn’t What You Think It Is

No time?
No plan?
No motivation?
No know-how?
Too much perfection?
All of these are so important, and often only symptoms.
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3/18 – Day 3: The Secret Sauce that Pulls It All Together

Today we explored:
– How to use Layered Accountability
– The Big-Bad-3 of Accountability to avoid at all cost
– Why the right community creates magic and the wrong community creates chaos
– How to find your BFF’s (Best Fitness Friends)
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3/20 – Day 4: When You Pull It All Together ~ You’re UNSTOPPABLE!

Have you been secretly worried “this is as good as it gets”? We’re going to stomp that thought out today! If you’re dreaming of far-flung escapades but know your body isn’t “Adventure Ready”, NP! If the aches, pains, and injuries make you wonder if it’s too late. It’s NOT!
– It’s time to be Fit, free, and having fun! 

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the Fit is Freedom Consistency Series

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3/30 – Day 1: What to do when you don’t know what to do!

Getting into a consistent fitness habit can be overwhelming when you’re busy, you have no plan and the motivation is a little…
well let’s just say…slacky 🤣🤣
Don’t let it get you down, there are ALWAYS things you can do, and today I’m sharing my top 3 💖
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3/31 – Day 2: No Plan, No Problem…

4 easy ways to get started with the fitness motivation and consistency we all need to make life amazing
Join me as we dive deep into how to create a plan that works for you and then how to keep going longer than 1 week (or two if you’re lucky:)
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4/1 – Day 3: The Real Reason We’re Not Consistent & How to Fix This! 

We “think” that the reason we aren’t consistent with our fitness is we
don’t have a plan, we don’t know what to do, we don’t have the time, we’re so busy putting everyone and everything as a priority before our health.
These are all just symptoms of the real reason we aren’t consistent with our fitness and HOW to change this for good!

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