If you are ready to finally Master Fitness Consistency. To feel Energetic, Strong, Fit. To have the Body and Life to crave…
the Fit is Freedom Experience is for You!

The Fit is Freedom Experience is the fitness & wellness program
for women 50 and over that gives you the power, the plan, know-how, accountability, support and community
you need to make the changes you want in life!

Have you been hoping there’s more

but secretly worried

“this is as good as it gets”?

Maybe you dream of far-flung escapades but you know your body can’t keep up in the shape you’re currently in; you’re not “Adventure Ready”

The aches, pains, and injuries seem to linger longer and you fear this is a glimpse of what’s to come. 


Fit is Freedom Lifetime Member
I have new confidence in my body and abilities, I schedule my workouts instead of "hoping they might happen", my jeans fit and I feel great.

Guess what?
It's not too late, and ALL of that can & will completely change.

I guaranty! ~ Kelly

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Fit is Freedom Lifetime Member

Fitness [to me] used to mean...how do I look in my clothes 😂 and now it means being strong enough to do things I want to do. Being in better condition so I don't get hurt when I'm doing the things I love to do. Having flexibility, strength, stamina, so I can do fun active outdoor things, and eat what I want to eat

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It’s time to be someone filled with vitality, health, wellness, laughter. Someone Fit, free, and having fun! Trying new things. Acing what she already does. Dancing under the stars with a big smile on her face. And absolutely knowing that she is ready for whatever comes next, be it a trip, a grandkid or a grand adventure!

You’re either expanding, or you’re contracting. 

You’re either choosing freedom, or worried about what comes next.

You’re either ALL IN, or you’re playing small. 

Not on my watch. 

Choose expansion, baby!

It's time to play!

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” I can’t think of a fitness routine or a diet that I haven’t tried already honest to God. I’ve been involved in, well you name it, whatever is out there. Fit is Freedom has worked for me. I’ve learned to run my own race, build up to what I can do, and feel good about it. And, I’m seeing big changes, thank you!”  – Sarah

What worked for Sarah,

will work for you too ~ Kelly

You'll have lifetime access to the everything the Fit is Freedom Experience offers:

Are you ready….

->> To feel at home and happy in your body?

->> To bring movement back into your life?

->> To wake up refreshed and pain free?

->> To pass a mirror and give yourself a high-five, knowing that YOU are what a Strong, Vibrant, Healthy woman looks like?!


Fit is Freedom Lifetime Member

"I no longer hope things will magically get better, and I don't believe "that's just the way it is when you get this age" anymore, either!

Are you Ready for More?
I’m ready to help!

It’s time for you to…

Step into a community of friends who get that you want to play more, not just another evening with friends of dinner and drinks!

Plan that hike, that kayak ride, or that epic journey!

Say YES to that invitation to try something new (especially if it scares you a little :).


There’s so much power in learning and doing new things. Letting go of expectations and trusting that even if you don’t know what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter!! When you start living from a place of fun and freedom, life opens up! 


Fit is Freedom started as a small accountability group of three and has blossomed into a movement that has changed the lives of hundreds of women just like YOU! 

Because it works!

Fit is Freedom is an online, do-it-at-your-pace, program

designed to take your fitness 

from “wishing you would” 

to taking action consistently…

but it’s so much more than that!

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Go at your own pace online course….

Before there was group coaching, Experiments, Community and Accountability, there was the life-changing, online Fit is Freedom Experience. The Member Portal holds the entire do-at-your-own-pace online course. With videos, audios, workbooks, checklists, special guest trainings and private resources (including access to all past coaching calls) the portal leads to a world of fitness consistency. One quick training at a time. You do this at your own pace.

Monthly Experiments

Ready to make simple but life-altering shifts? Introducing your Monthly Experiments. From mastering Balance to Mobility to Sugar Freedom to Weight Loss, and so many more. We focus on experiments that are easy to master but life-changing. These are often the small things that nag us but we don't stop to figure out how/if they can change. With a group focus the Experiment of the Month checks that worry off your list!

Group coaching

Each month we do three group coaching calls. These are your calls and you get to ask questions, get help on anything that might be slowing you down and we deep-dive into the Experiments. Can't make the call in person? NP. Simply email me your questions, and I'll answer them on the calls. All replays are saved in the Member Portal for you to watch on your timeline!


The online community you didn't even know you needed - but it's time to get excited! You're going to meet your next BFFs (best fitness friends) here. These are the girlfriends you've been missing and you didn't even know you were! Ever have that feeling that it would be so nice to have someone who just wanted to go for a hike instead of dinner and drinks? Look no further. You'll meet online and then connect forever at a retreat or an upcoming trip.


And yes! We do a little (or a lot - your choice) of hand-holding here, too. You choose YOUR preferred method of accountability– whether that's text, group, online, or all of the above. We'll cheer you on when it's tough, Kelly will touch base with your group and check in, your favorite cheerleaders will be there to encourage and push a little when you need it.


2022 we'll go from hiking the Smoky Mountains to multi-sport fun in Costa Rica to playing under the big, bright sky of the Texas Hill Country. In 2023 look for Arizona & Spain being added to the mix. We train specifically for each trip and all retreats are a mix of serious playing, eating well, a little yoga, and even a Spa day here and there. Never worry if you can keep up ever again. You'll be perfectly trained and ready to go with our Retreat-Ready focus, and our signature program: Training for Trails and Beyond, is included when you join the Fit is Freedom Experience!

It’s no mistake that you are here.

Every single woman in the Fit is Freedom Program was looking for more


(all client names are changed for privacy)

On our first group call together, Judy told us that she wanted to be the “Cool Granma,” but, we could all see that deep down she wanted more…she was just afraid to actually say it out loud. She wasn’t ready to give up on her own dreams, even though she was telling herself it was ok to. 

Deep down she wanted to play more in this life, but her joints ached when she woke up, she drank too much wine at night, she wasn’t sleeping well, what little muscle definition she’d once had was a memory in the past and her husband wasn’t the play-partner he had once been.  

Maybe you can relate to that?!

So I asked her – if you could do anything, if you were fit enough to do something exciting, what would you do? 

Bam, without hesitation, her answer came: 

“I’d become one of those women who aren’t afraid to go on a hiking trip, who walks on a plane head held high and tosses her backpack in the overhead bin because, well because she is strong and doesn’t need any help.”

Fast forward five months and we were hiking the Appalachian trail side by side, with Judy surging ahead at times. She hit her stride and nothing is slowing her down these days. And, in case you’re wondering…she got on our plane and tossed that heavy backpack into the overhead like it was nothing, nada!

And in Fit is Freedom, we know that we’re not ALL about adventure and play. Some clients simply want to feel better, physically and mentally. And rocking their look too!

Sue came to me because she was embarrassed

She would go for walks with her husband and he’d leave her far behind, always telling her “just keep up, walk faster”. 

She was in a slow burn when we first met. Burning because she couldn’t keep up, because her husband didn’t understand, because she “should” be better than she was.

Suffice it to say, she’s keeping up these days. In fact, she’s not just “keeping up”…she discovered that she likes race walk/running and she’s doing 5 K’s every weekend, 10 K’s every month and she’s training for her first half marathon

And what about her hubby? Let’s just say he’s the one trying to keep up these days!

Are you ready
to have the Fit is Freedom Program be the thing?
that changes everything for YOU!?
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Real LOVE of the Program by Real People

This course got me back into my exercise routine, which I didn't think could ever happen again. Kelly is motivating and an example that it's possible to stay fit in a busy life with little time at hand, in fact, I don't have time to join calls in person, this is some much better for me. I watch when I can and I feel just as connected as if I was there. I highly recommend Kelly's coaching and course!
Julia G
Fit is Freedom Lifetime Member
Kelly Howard's program has been such a positive for me! Kelly makes sure that everyone feels welcome and important! The simple way she explains things, and then listens and responds is crucial. We each come from a different starting place in this group..and she treats us all as equals! Her support is personal and true!
Donna H
Fit is Freedom Lifetime Member
My mother fell and broke her hip, it was all downhill from there. I've secretly worried for years that would happen to me because my balance wasn't very good anymore. Kelly taught us that balance can be fixed, pretty quickly. I can now stand on one foot and put my shoe on, solid as a rock! Life changing!
Connie S
Fit is Freedom Lifetime Member
For me the community is everything! Trying to go it alone is lonely. And, I find that I'm often just "trying" instead of succeeding when I'm going it alone. This community is like my safety line. Friends don't let friends slide backwards in the FIF group!
Fit is Freedom Lifetime Member
"The day I sat in front of my gym not wanting to go in, and randomly texted the group, changed everything," she says. "What I wasn't expecting was 5 texts back ranging from tough love to get your butt in the gym." It worked. : )
Fit is Freedom Lifetime Member
Sign me up for the next Retreat, I don't care where we're going 🙂 The Smoky Mountian Retreat in 2021 changed my life. Knowing that I was going gave me something to train for, and I needed that push. But, doing everything we did on the trip is what really changed me. I did hikes I never would have tried and guess, I sailed through and felt amazing. Add to that all the laughter, camaraderie and just flat-out fun I want to be first in line for whatever is next!! )
Fit is Freedom Lifetime Member

What's inside the Fit is Freedom Course?

Module 1

Your WHY and how it will change everything for you. The personalized Intake Quiz and designing your definitive and individualized Workout Plan

Module 2

Learn to track what you do and how you progress. Tracking is the smartest and most overlooked skill. We'll use Weekly Goal sheets to keep you focused and looking forward.

Module 3

Scheduling is the heart of your fitness plan. Learn why you need it and why you fight it! Together we'll create your MDM (Minimum Daily Movement) so even on "off" days, you'll still be moving forward.

Module 4

Habit shifting. Forget struggling to change your habits, in this Module, you're going to learn how to Shift them instead. So much easier!

Module 5

Everything that holds us back from what we want. From learning to appreciate and then silence your inner critic to uncovering simple strategies that give you ALL the time you need to get fit quick.

Are you ready? Ready to have life be amazing? Fit is Freedom can change everything for you. Here's to your fit and fun future!

Module 6

Connecting to your Future Self. Keeping our commitments to ourselves can be hard at times, when you learn to connect to your Future Self you'll find those commitments become easier because you're working together for what you want.

Module 7

Moving from external accountability to internal accountability. When we start doing, consistently, what we tell ourselves we're going to do, everything gets easier!

Module 8

The Long Game. Life is fun and exciting when you have something to look forward to that you KNOW you can do. Learning how to use your next 20, 30, even 40 years to create the wellness and health you dream of is one of the most powerful things you can ever do for yourself.

Module 9

The Fit & Free Path. You've come so far; now it's time to see what is TRULY possible as you move forward on this fit and free adventure!

Module 10

Pulling it all together. We take everything you've learned over the last 9 modules and pull it all together to make your fun, fitness and freedom a way of living life well.

Fitness Plans, schedules & More

There are over 15 workbooks, journals, workout schedules, fitness plans, & prompts – because everyone learns and puts things into practice in different ways. No cookie-cutter programs here!

Checklists & Follow-ups

Do you love a good To-Do list? I do! The easiest way I know to stay on track is by using the RIGHT checklist and tracker – plenty for you to choose from here! 


Want to do an Experiment at your own pace – they are here for you anytime.

Meditation & Visualization? Ready for something completely different, that works? Try a custom-made mindset shift!

Guest Experts and Trainings

Need a pick-me-up? Listen in on previous coaching calls.


Don’t forget When you sign up now, you get lifetime access to this incredible program for the last time ever!

The Fit is Freedom Experience

$ 1500

Pay in full and save $300
or 5 payments of $350

  • Lifetime Access to the online Fit is Freedom Course ($1500 value)
  • 3-Month Fitness Roadmap Intake Quiz ($197 value)
  • Weekly group coaching calls ($3000 value)
  • Live Monthly Q&A coaching calls with Kelly ($1500 value)
  • Lifetime Access to Monthly Experiments ($1200 value)
  • Accountability of your choice (text, group, online $120/month value)
  • Online community of BFFs (Best Fitness Friends ~ Priceless!)
  • Member access to Retreats across the globe:($500 value)
  • 3 one hour 1:1 private coaching calls with Kelly - kickstart your fitness ($1050 value)
  • Plus $900 in bonuses
    • Bonus

    • 1:1 Intake call & workout plan creation with Kelly ($375 value)
    • Training for Trips, Trails & Travel Adventures - keep up on any trip or trail ($300)
    • Sugar Freedom - DYI and Live Sessions $300

Say goodbye to the fitness rollercoaster once and for all, and say hello to a tailor-made experience designed just for you!

Hey there, I’m Kelly Howard and I’m known as the Fitness Consistency Coach with a touch of Adventure! I help busy women prioritize their fitness so they can feel great and have more time and energy for the things they love. When you feel strong, confident, and empowered, you can do anything.

I do love adding fun and a little adventure into life with outdoor activities like hiking, biking, backpacking, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. I believe that when women are empowered to adventure out of their comfort zones we never slip back to the person we were before. 

My Fit is Freedom podcast, courses, and events have changed the lives of thousands of women. As a frequent guest on podcasts and television, I was also the creator of the FOX TV Outdoor Houston Adventure series. I currently call Houston, Texas, home but can often be found kayaking rivers and traveling trails worldwide.


Don’t wait to join!  
Fitness consistency is just around the corner. 

Mark your calendar, the next coaching coming up fast
See you there!

It’s time to meet your Fit & Free Future Self.

This life-changing Experience is EVERYTHING you need to go from wanting to having exactly what you dream of. The online course, 1:1 and group coaching, community, accountability, and retreats give you EVERYTHING you need to go from non-existent to consistent. With ease. I hope to see you there – Kelly