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Part 1: How to Get on Track with Your Fitness – for Life! – Episode 168

Episode Summary

In this two-part series on the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I’m going to be addressing how to both get on track and stay on track with your health and fitness resolution goals! In this particular episode, I’m going to be focusing on getting on track. A solid foundation is key for truly holding those resolutions and aspirations. 

What people need most is consistency, and that’s what we’re here to talk about.  2023 is HERE, and so are all of the dreams, ambitions, and New Year’s resolutions! We all know how it goes. January rolls around, and people are pouring into the gyms in droves. But, when it gets to about mid-February, most have already lost their motivation and drive.

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Steps to Getting on Track

In my experience, I’ve noticed some important steps to ensuring that you get on track with all of your health and fitness goals. Here are the most important…

1. Where can you make room?

If you are constantly stating that you’re too busy or you simply don’t have the time, you’re definitely not going to get on track. Start by looking at your schedule. Where can you wiggle some time? Mornings before the kids wake up? Carving 15 minutes during your lunch hour? 

Sometimes, you can make room by rearranging your schedule or waking up early, but other times, you can look closer at the time wasters in your life. Do you mindlessly scroll Instagram or TikTok for 30+ minutes each evening? Can you limit your TV time? Chances are, if you really want to get on track with your goals, you can find some time. Once you do that, you’re ready to move on to step two…

2. What do you want and why?

No fitness or health goal is going to stick without a strong understanding of both what you want out of it and why you want it in the first place. For me, my “why” is that I want to be as fit for as long as possible. I want to age gracefully and with strength. For you, it may be lifting your children, improving the tone in your arms, or living to see your great-grandchildren one day. 

No matter how small or big, knowing what you want and why will motivate you to get started and get on track.

3. What’s holding you back?

Once you understand your “why,” try and reflect on what is holding you back. Is it a previous injury? There are ways to fix and improve it!  Is it self-doubt?  Surround yourself with a friend, a coach, or a trainer to help build you up. Understanding what typically gets in your way is incredibly important for the future success of your New Year’s fitness resolutions and goals.

4. What are you willing to do?

Really, it’s what you are willing or unwilling to do! We all have our own personal limitations and preferences, and these are critical to lean into. For example, I had a client previously who refused to count calories, and you know what? That is OKAY! Knowing your boundaries on what works and feels best for you will not only help you to get started but also keep you on track because it is more tailored to you.

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