You're Smart. Busy. Successful.
And another week just flew by and nothing changed.

You know how important taking action is
– but there’s a problem


A lack of motivation makes you more unmotivated.

The truth is, life as we know it has changed completely.


We’re experiencing low-grade stress ~ 24/7


The gym is closed & workout buddies are a thing of the past


People who were never tired before are lagging


People who were tired, are now exhausted at the end of the day

There’s a brand-new way to #WinTheDay

The Motivation Multiplier Method

Wait, before you scroll by saying I don’t want to learn one more thing. 

I don’t need a method, I need sleep, a break, a vacation!

Hear me out.

All it takes is 3.5 minutes a day to change ~ everything

That’s it.

This simple system can change your life.  It’s not your fault you feel like you’re sliding backward,  a lack of motivation makes you more unmotivated

Beating yourself up leads to a pity party ~ ice cream or wine optional

What if being motivated was as easy as sipping that first cup of coffee in the morning or clicking the remote?
Hey there, I’m Kelly Howard, founder of the Motivation Multiplier Method…

My “official bio”…

For over 20 years Kelly has been connecting people to freedom and personal empowerment through motivation, mindset, and movement.  She’s changed thousands of lives with her Fit is Freedom podcast, courses and events, and is the author of the Motivation Multiplier Method.  As thee former owner of Bayou City Outdoors, the largest outdoor activity and social club of its kind and the creator of the FOX Outdoor Adventure Series, she’s led thousands of people on hiking, biking, and kayaking adventures worldwide. She currently calls Houston, Texas her home, but can frequently be found on rivers and trails across the globe.

KellyHoward1 copy

Sounds cool, right?

If you read my bio you’d think I was someone who was taught from a young age to be motivated and go for what she wants.  And, if you saw me kayaking a big-water river, biking a trail, or hiking through the wilderness, you might think I was born with the gift of athleticism.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

I grew up with almost zero outside influence, or fitness training.  I taught myself to be action-oriented and a self-starter.

But, 10 years ago, before I was coaching successful women on motivation, mindset and adventure, I struggled with getting out of bed some mornings.  I was burnt out and wondering why it was so easy to slip into bad habits and so hard to maintain the good ones. 

I was trying to get by on only external motivation.  

I’d used up all my internal mojo.

Maybe you can relate.

For some of my friends and clients, it’s that bowl of ice cream, binging on Netflix, skipping the workout, losing consistency, procrastinating.  

A solution was needed, ASAP.

What changed everything for me was creating my own personal system.  It worked.  My life changed and when I started sharing it with my clients, their lives changed.

Since then, I’ve been teaching this motivation method and turning lives around through coaching, TV, speaking and podcasts.

This simple system is easy to follow and even easier to act on.  Just like a menu from your favorite restaurant, choose your Multiplier for the day and give yourself the gift of 3.5 minutes.  BOOM #MakeItHappen

You might go with the: Best You Process, the Alphabet Game, or maybe a Thought-Shifting Checklist. 

The tools I created for myself can work for anyone, and especially you
What I know is...


Motivation is both internal & external ~ You need both


Good habits come from the right motivation


The right motivation comes from mindset


The right mindset comes from having the best possible tools


If the tools work for me and my clients, they’ll work for you


Perfection kills motivation

Ready to get started?

This is for you if

  • beating yourself “Why can’t I just do it, already”?
  • Wondering why you can’t change when you’ve done it before but nothing is working for you now
  • Catching yourself on Facebook, IG, YouTube, Netflix AGAIN and it’s not where you want to be
  • Starting just seems daunting
  • Made at yourself for making new habits that aren’t the RIGHT habits
  • Feeling unmotivated leads you to feeling even more unmotivated
  • You have adventure in your soul and you’re ready for more

This is not for you if:

  • You’re not ready to change.  It either doesn’t matter to you or you don’t have the desire.  You’re going to learn in this mini-course that desire is foundational.
  • Seize the day is your daily motto (Really? Then why have you read this far?)

I’m back on track! Kelly’s guidance is the perfect balance of encouragement, direction, motivation as well as reminders to not overdo it (which I am often guilty of).

Before Kelly’s program, I didn’t trust myself to stick with my fitness goals. I can honestly say that I feel like an athlete now. I trust myself to stick to my fitness plans and I feel great!

“I kept prioritising my family and business over myself and I knew something had to change. With Kelly’s expert help I’m now making time in my week to care for me with exercise, and conscious food choices!“

What is the Motivation Multiplier Method Exactly?
Here's What it Will do for You.

I took my best motivation tools, the ones that are the easiest to apply because once learned, motivation becomes a part of your DNA.

These tools will become your go-to-habit-shifting-turbo-charged Superpower. 

In less than 3.5 minutes most days, you’ll prime yourself not just to get things done, but to get the things that matter done, ASAP.


You will learn how to use these tools to turn on both internal & external motivation. 


You’ll start “rising above” the outside factors that crowd your days and hold you back.  


Motivation is a skill.  Unlike willpower which can run dry, you will learn to access motivation at will, 24/7 if that’s your style :).


Short on time? Grab a quick Multiplier like the Alphabet Game or the Action Hero and get moving. Been a tough week or feeling a little slow and low?  Take time for yourself and and do a deeper Multiplier like What’s Your Why or some Decluttering.


You’ll learn to create time for the things that matter most.  Maybe it’s time to get back on track with your fitness.  If stress has been taking it’s toll, you’ll learn to remove it not just push it to the side.


You’ll start creating based on desires, habits, mindset, and actions.  How we see ourselves each day, makes motivation sustainable.

Exactly What You Will Get
Inside the Motivation Multiplier Method

technology friendly

Workbook – 37 pages of juicy wins that stick for a lifetime 

In a world where we are taught to go for the “quick wins”, motivation often feels like just another life-hack.

What  happens when we dump all the hacks and only do the simple actions that create the best longterm, soul-deep results? You’ll get results that stick. This workbook is designed to be used sparingly. Sparingly because most of these Motivation Multipliers are quick and easy.

Look for the   (star) which tells you how much time each multiplier will take.

Checklists:  From High-Level Overview to Dream A Little and Create a Lot

Checklists allow you to move quickly.  Every piece of this course is designed to create quick wins and fast action.  When you spend too much time thinking, planning and organizing, you get bogged down.

Videos:  Bite sized descriptors for visual and auditory learners

The videos are designed to work in tandem with the workbook.  Some multipliers take a little longer to go explain, some take two minutes or less. 

We all learn and retain information differently.  If you’re an auditory learner use the videos.  If you’re a visual learner, use the videos along with the workbook.  Kinesthetic learner?  Download and write your answers in the workbook (not online) while listening to the videos.

Bonus: Gamify Your Day

Gamification is big because it works.  In your Gamify the Day scorecard you’ll be able to add and subtract the actions that matter the most to you personally.  Hitting 100% with ease, maybe it’s time to reach a little higher.  Trouble reaching 80%?  Time to reassess and remember; perfection kills motivation.

Aren’t you curious what 100% motivated feels like?

You have nothing to lose & your whole world to gain…

Your purchase is backed by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You have ZERO Risk because the Motivation Multiplier Method is backed 100%

If you don’t LOVE the Method…Or if you don’t start to notice positive improvements in your life, fitness and day to day motivation…

Just let our awesome support team know and we will refund you 100% of your initial purchase, guaranteed!