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You're amazing. It takes guts to be successful when you have so much going on. You're juggling it all; work, life, exercise, & you're losing ground, you have no room for error.

What happens when something breaks? You get sick, there's a family or work emergency, your carefully structured (and scheduled) world comes crashing down, and everything goes right to hell: nutrition, great sleep, your workouts!


We'll deliver your Pro Tips into your email account ASAP, in the meantime, a few ideas for you...

  • Learn two new words: NO & ME. When you're Wonder Woman, everyone wants you.
  • Pick one focus only; sleep, nutrition, or exercise. Studies show it takes about 66 days to establish a new habit.
  • Create new patterns around your one focus. Studies show it takes about 66 days to establish a new habit.

Meet Kelly

I've been there. Doing it all, juggling my business, my family, caring for my ailing mom, renovating our house, and volunteering on the side. What I gave up in my world were my exercise and self-care, I thought I could always get that back later. After everything else was handled.

The truth is, every year it gets just a tad bit harder to get your body back in shape, your health in focus. Here's the thing I learned, if we don't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of anything else. Our business. Our family. Our wealth. They won't happen. Now that you're here I would love to show you what worked for me and for all my friends who I unapologetically badgered until they started stepping up their wellness game too. Fitness is a long game, and together we are unstoppable.


Join me for the Fit, Free & Fabulous Fitness Storm:

  • 4 Weeks of coaching via Facebook Live
    Guiding you in making the right decisions around exercises, your workout schedule, food, and staying on track.

  • 4 Weekly Live Q&A's
    Bring your questions, and I'll bring answers

  • Fit Is Freedom Formula Guidebook
    No need to think, just do the super quick homework, no-fluff schedule, and log what you achieve.

  • Friends, accountability & action
    You've got a buddy, & they have your back.

Lingering questions?

  1. No time? No problem. You'll learn to fit fitness into your day.
  2. How good can FREE be? I'm on a mission, and I promise to give you my all.
  3. Is there a sales pitch? At the end of the 4 weeks, if you are interested, you can keep going with the paid course, but no hard sell!
  4. 4-weeks isn't much time. A lifetime can change in a moment, your
  5. Fitness can change in 4-weeks, I promise!

You'll come away knowing how good life feel, and you'll never have to choose between health and wealth again.