If you found this page it means we're already connected, I'm so glad you're here! As a very big Thank You to my podcast listeners and friends, this page is created to give you special pricing on my coaching and courses ~ Kelly

Are you oh-so-ready to be Fit and Strong, but it feels like you’re starting over again and again?

Do you dream of doing something adventurous but not sure where to begin?

You're in the right place

Through my 15 years of coaching women on how to bike, hike, kayak a river, backpack the wilderness, I learned that the most important qualities you can possess is the belief that you are enough, a strong fitness foundation and the mental toughness to follow through. The right action makes these easy.

My proven process works for…

Using Learned Motivation, Layered Accountability, and Simple Habit Shifts, I help successful women rebuild their health from the inside out...

Imagine how your life would change if you trusted yourself completely.

This is NOT for you if…

It goes without saying, but we’re going to say it.

“I’m no longer hoping things will magically get better. And I’m not, ‘letting go’ and accepting the idea anymore “that’s just the way it is when you get this age. Kelly has shown me how to make myself and my fitness a priority in easy ways.” RITA H.

“I kept prioritising my family and business over my health and fitness and I knew something had to change. With the support and accountability from the group and Kelly’s expert help I’m now making time in my week to care for myself with exercise, and conscious food choices!“ ALI E.

“I’m back on track with my fitness following several injuries. Kelly’s guidance is the perfect balance of encouragement, direction, motivation as well as reminders to not overdo it (which I am often guilty of).” PAMELA W.

Working with me means you are ready to make yourself a priority, you're willing to invest in yourself & move forward.

Let me help you ditch the fad diets, the yet-another-30-day fitness challenge and broken promises to yourself and finally gain control of your health and fitness once and for all.

Using Learned Motivation, Layered Accountability, and Simple Habit Shifts, I help successful women rebuild their health from the inside out…

1:1 Coaching Session
(save $100)

Time for a change?
Ready to Transform in a big way? Tired of always starting over? Often, a simple shift in your habits, a new understanding of how to stay motivated, a little accountability, goes a long way. Add to that someone who is on the outside looking in and longtime struggles are simplified, An easy to follow plan makes all the difference. Let's talk!

$150 USD

3 Month Package

Eight 1:1 Coaching Sessions plus
The Freedom Method course
(limited to 5 clients)

3 payments of $333 - Save $500!

Are you ready to be supported 100%?  Includes:

Initial Session to create your 3-month Plan

1:1 bi-weekly Coaching Calls

Accountability via Voxer – Daily, Weekly, your choice

Full access to the Freedom Method Member Portal with weekly exercises, Motivational Multiplier downloads, recorded coaching calls and challenges 

If you’re serious about making a change, I’m serious about supporting you 100% ~ Click the link below and schedule a chat to see if we’re a fit. 


I’m Kelly and I am so glad you’re here.

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve started and sold four companies and my only “real” job ever was as the Chief Love Officer of True.com. I was fired after 6 months when I couldn’t stop telling the owner how to run his company.  Guess you could say I was unemployable, 🙂 but I’m totally ok with that.

I love my work, but it also led me to major burnout when all the hustle caused me to not be able to get out of bed one morning. I was in so much pain I couldn’t move.  While I laid there feeling sorry for myself, I also considered how the hell I got there and what I needed to do.  

That crazy injury gave me time to acknowledge that “doing-all-the-things” (running a business, caretaker for my mom, keeper of the family, general contractor for the new house) had actually led me to not being able to do any of the things I actually wanted to do.  

Want to know the most embarrassing part of this story?  During the time of my injury, I was hosting fitness events every weekend. I was always just one slippery step away from injury because I didn’t take the time to really take care of myself.  I didn’t have the true foundation of fitness, strength, and flexibility needed.  

With my background in fitness, adventure and training others I knew exactly what steps I needed to happen to recover and thrive (I hadn’t been practicing what I preached).  It was time for a change and I came back stronger and fitter than ever.  

Looking around I realized all my friends were on a similar merry-go-round.

Smart. Busy. Successful, they were all repeating the working woman’s mantra - “Next week, next month, then I have time, then I’ll focus on my fitness, lose weight, get my energy back”.  Then another week would fly by. 

I roped in a couple of good friends.  They both had gained weight, lost their energy and just didn’t feel the way they wanted to feel.  They were my guinea pigs, the test bunnies 🙂 After 4-weeks things started changing for both of them.  We were doing coaching calls, weekly accountability calls and a bi-weekly check in via FB. Coaching got them moving and accountability was the glue that held it together.  One friend lost 15 pounds over 2 months, the other ran a 5K for the first time in her life. They both felt invincible. So, in came 4 more friends and even better results. 

That’s when the Fit is Freedom movement was born.  I’ve had the privilege to help 1000’s of women learn how to transform their health and lifestyle so they could reach their full potential. 

I would be honored if you would join our “movement” …it never matters where you’re starting from the only thing that counts is you want a transformation, whatever that means for you! 

I know how it feels to not feel good.  To think that maybe it’s time to throw in the towel, that just maybe it’s all downhill from here…baloney!   Our bodies are amazingly resilient. How we think about our fitness is as important as what we do. Energy comes from movement.  If we aren’t having fun, then what we’re doing is not sustainable. Play, friends, accountability, motivation, community and commitment will get you a 1000% further than another diet-of-the-month.

I can’t wait to connect, hugs ~

Working with me is PERFECT for you if…

1:1 Coaching Session
(save $100)

$150 USD

3 Month Package

Nine 1:1 Coaching Sessions &
The Fit is Freedom Membership

3 payments of $333 - Save $500!