You’re a Fitness Rock Star!

What’s Holding You Back?

You’re a self-starter, high achiever, and you expect a lot from yourself and those around you. But there’s one little problem, something keeps derailing your fitness, your workouts or your training. Is it a persistent injury, a timing issue, or a work-life-fitness balance isn’t happening. Maybe you’ve tried of training alone but can’t find the fitness buddies you want to hang with. Perhaps it’s a little of all of these and more.

When you’re used to exercising, and everything seems to be conspiring against you, it’s tough!

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  • Start with…An open and honest assessment. You know yourself well enough to know what’s holding you back…
  • Schedule it. Schedule out your next two weeks. And then, dial it back a little.
  • Act on it & Track it. Every day take action, even if your activity is a rest day…

Meet Kelly
I’ve been there. Kicking ass, taking names and knocking my fitness goals out of the park. Until I’d get injured. Or my business had issues. My mom needed a caregiver. I was an all or nothing athletic. Biking 100 miles and then nothing, nada for weeks on end. Not only was the up and down hard on my body, but it’s also a bitch trying to keep a positive mindset. 

The truth is, every year it gets just a tad bit harder to get your body back in shape, your health in focus. Here’s the thing I learned, if we don’t take care of ourselves, as consistently as we possibly can, we can’t take care of anything else. Our business. Our family. Our wealth. They won’t happen.

Since we’re acquainted now, I would love to show you what worked for me and for all my other friends many who I unapologetically badgered until we all stepped up our wellness game. Hardcore or maintenance, whatever it is we really need, we need to.

Join me for Fit, Free & Fabulous…A Fitness Storm:

• 4 Weeks of coaching via Facebook Live – guiding you in making the right decisions around exercises, your workout schedule, food, and staying on track.

• 4 Weekly Live Q&A’s – Bring your questions, and I’ll bring answers

• Fit Is Freedom Formula Guidebook – No need to think, just do the super quick homework, no-fluff schedule, and log what you achieve.

• Friends, accountability & action –You’ve got a buddy, & they have your back. 

Lingering questions?
~ No time? No problem. You’ll learn to fit fitness into your day.

~ How good can FREE be? Really good. I’m on a mission, and I promise my all.

~ Is there a sales pitch? At the end of the 4 weeks, if you are interested, you can keep going with the paid course, but no hard sell!

~4-weeks isn’t much time. A lifetime can change in a moment, your
fitness can change in 4-weeks, I promise!

You’ll come away knowing how good life feel, and you’ll never have to choose between health and your To-Do list again.