Summer Escapades: Adventures, Fitness, and Tips for Fun Away from Home – Episode 239

Episode Summary

Join us on the Fit is Freedom Podcast for a summer episode full of escapades: adventure, travel, and fitness! We explore the significance of taking a vacation, the excitement and challenges of RV travel, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road. Kelly shares her personal journey and the upcoming summer plans that led to the decision to take a break from the podcast.

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Taking a Summer Break

Kelly announces a summer hiatus for the podcast, emphasizing the importance of creativity, high energy, and the need for a mental reset. She explains the decision to pause the podcast for two months to ensure quality content and to avoid scrambling for episodes during the break.

The Backstory

  • Heat in Houston: Kelly recounts the overwhelming heat in Houston last summer and her declaration not to spend another summer there.
  • RV Adventure: The spontaneous idea of buying an RV and planning a trip from Texas to Canada to escape the heat and visit family. Kelly shares her initial hesitation and eventual excitement about the adventure.

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Challenges of RV Travel

Traveling Well

Kelly discusses how her experience will contribute to creating resources for her SuperFIT Success System, focusing on travel tips for maintaining fitness and health on the go. She will document her journey and share insights on social media.

Staying Connected and Three Actionable Takeaways…

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