Episode 004 – Oonagh Duncan

After tackling her health head-on and embracing a fitter lifestyle in her 40’s, Oonagh Duncan now specializes in a total mind-body approach for getting into the shape you want. Her 28 Day Transformation Challenge is a comprehensive course in changing your food and fitness behaviors so that eating and living healthy comes to be second-nature.

In this episode, Oonagh discusses the key habits that lead to healthy thinking and healthy living, why viewing non-smokers and non-drinkers as something “other” can impede our personal growth and the importance of moving past the notion of what our bodies “should” be like.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

Addressing the Us vs. Them mentality that can make it all the more difficult for smokers to give up their habit.
Kelly describes her own 90 days without drinking alcohol and how it’s changed her approach to casual drinking.
How our own perceptions of what our body is supposed to be like can impede our drive to want to get fit.
Oonagh summarizes her 28 Day Transformation Challenge and its habits-based approach.
Identifying “keystone habits” and developing new habit patterns to encourage healthy living.
Avoiding confusing temporary diets with permanent lifestyle changes.
Oonagh outline some basic steps to changing your mindset toward living a healthier lifestyle.
Using meditation to counter your cravings.
Oonagh describes her upcoming “retreat” where she and others will live at peak mind and body healthiness.
Next week: Kelly outlines her own five-step plan.


“You do have to do some mental adjustments about who you are now when your body changes.”

“It’s not that my workout burned so many calories, and that’s why I’m fit. It’s because it set off this ripple effect of other positive behaviors throughout my day.”

“Is this [diet] something you’ll do when you’re so, so busy? Is this something you’ll do when your loved one is in the hospital?”

“If you want fat loss, [your diet’s] going to be 99% nutrition.”

“People think they want to lose weight, but they don’t want to lose weight. They want the feeling they’ll think they have when they’ve lost weight.”


Official Fit Feels Good website – https://www.fitfeelsgood.com/

Tulum Retreat – https://www.fitfeelsgood.com/tulum/

The Angel Tiger Fit Challenge

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