You're Smart. Busy. Successful.

And another week just flew by without working out. Ouch.

Are you juggling all the things?  Work, family, health.  Successful women know their lives thrive when they feel amazing, strong and vibrant.  Do you? Or, are you just giving your health lip service? At the end of the day, are you ready for a run, or racing to the couch?

FIT: What's your definition?  

Do you really want to lose weight or are you craving something so much more? How would life be if you had all the energy you needed.  You could go for a hike, play with the family, travel the world.  Pass a mirror and smile.  Eventually, we all come to realize fitness isn't something we can keep putting off.  Every year you wait, it's that much harder to become the "I can do anything" woman you want to be.  It's time to take a stand.  Without your health, wealth is nothing.  

The right tribe, top experts, simple actionable steps, a plan that's designed for you and friends who have your back:


Together we're unstoppable.

Pick your passion and let's find your Fit!

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Get moving ~ QUICK

Fit is our superpower.

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Having created and sold four different companies, Kelly is a serial entrepreneur who's been connecting women to their personal power and fitness through hiking, biking, backpacking and kayaking adventures and coaching. She has changed thousands of lives with her Fit is Freedom podcast, courses and events and truly believes that a life well lived is a life of freedom and health.
She's the founder of Bayou City Outdoors, the largest outdoor activity and social club of its kind. She currently calls Houston, Texas her home, but can frequently be found kayaking & traveling on rivers and trails around the world.

So this is my "official" bio my good friend penned, want the real scoop?

Kelly Howard