You're busy. Successful.

And another week without working out just flew by. That hurts.

At what point do you finally fit "Fit" in & why are you waiting?

You've gotten where you are by being smarter than the average bear.  You already know the most successful people understand that their business is only as strong as their energy, health and vitality.   

How's your energy?  At the end of the day are you ready for a run OR just a run to the couch for a Netflix marathon or a nap?

What do you really want?

Is it really just to lose 10 pounds or is it so much more?  Is it the ability to do the things we want to do and dream of doing?  To play with our family.  Have adventures.  Do more than just work. 

To know that next year you won't be wondering when you're finally going to prioritize your fitness, you'll be living it!

You know what?

FIT can be simple ~ with a plan that's designed for you.

Sticking to a plan can be a breeze ~ with the right tribe.

Creating more energy for the things you love is easy ~ if it's fun

The right plan, simple steps & friends who have your back:


Together we're unstoppable.

Pick your passion and let's find your Fit!

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Want an easy, DIY plan that you can grab and run with? Download it here and get started today. Want to join us for the Challenge? Get a jumpstart with your plan and then add your name to the Challenge. We'll see you in October!


no more missed workouts

Tired of "this week being the week, again" that you start and stick to your workout or food goals?  Join us for a free, easy (sorta), 30-day Challenge designed to kick-start your fitness before the holiday season is here.


Tell me more!

The Secret Sauce that makes goals stick? Friends who have your back (and your workout schedule). A smart schedule that fits your life. Learning, creating, and following simple steps. Get your 90-day schedule & name on the list.

Tired of "this week being the week, again" that you start and stick to your workout or food goals?  Join us for a free, easy (sorta), Challenge designed to kick-start your fitness and get you starting the new year right.

Are you ready for 2019? Is this the year you master your fitness goals?  Join us for an in person workshop. We'll spend time planning, laughing, creating support and deep-diving into what works and how to make it stick.

Fit is our superpower.

For over 20 years Kelly has been connecting women to their own personal power and wellness through hiking, biking, backpacking and kayaking adventures and coaching. She has changed thousands of lives with her Fit is Freedom podcast, courses and events and truly believes that a life well lived is a life of freedom and health. She's the founder of Bayou City Outdoors, the largest outdoor activity and social club of its kind. She currently calls Houston, Texas her home, but can frequently be found on rivers and trails around the world.

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