You're Smart. Busy. Successful.

And another week just flew by without working out. Ouch.

It's time to make fitness consistency a way of life. Do you really want to lose weight or are you craving something so much more? How would life be if you had all the energy you needed.  You could go for a hike, play with the family, travel the world.  Pass a mirror and smile.  Eventually, we all come to realize fitness isn't something we can keep putting off.  Every year you wait, it's that much harder to become the "I can do anything" woman you want to be.  It's time to take a stand.  Without your health, wealth is nothing.

The right tribe, top experts, simple actionable steps, a plan that's designed for you and friends who have your back:


Together we're unstoppable.

Pick your passion and let's find your Fit!
Women oon the Smoky Mountain adventure
Get the book - FIT: Active & Ageless for Life!

Fit is our superpower.

Tell Me More

Kelly Howard is the Fitness Consistency Expert with a touch of Adventure and the author of FIT: Active & Ageless for Life! For over 25 years she has helped busy women prioritize their fitness so they can feel great and have more fun and energy for the things they love in this second half of life. She believes you can do anything when you feel strong, confident, and empowered. 

Kelly loves adding fun and adventure to life with outdoor activities like hiking, biking, backpacking, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. She empowers women to adventure out of their comfort zones by trying outdoor experiences they have only dreamt of or possibly haven’t experienced in a very long time. 

Her Fit is Freedom podcast, coaching, online courses, and events have changed the lives of thousands of women. As a frequent guest on podcasts and television, she also created the FOX TV Outdoor Houston Adventure series. She currently calls Houston, Texas, home but can often be found kayaking rivers and traveling trails worldwide.

Kelly Howard