Fitness is a mindset.

Kelly frequently receives emails and questions from people who are very driven and successful in the professional world but feel like their physical life has taken a hit, barely able to find the time or energy to stay active and in shape. While this kind of life may be financially and professionally rewarding, it’s going to burn you out in no time at all. That isn’t very rewarding, but neither is it your only option. There’s a way to succeed and feel energized.

In this episode, Kelly discusses her own rough experience balancing business with activity, explains the key main components of feeling good, and suggests some ways you can keep these aspects of your life in sync.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Kelly describes the “either/or” stage of her life when she wasn’t able to find a healthy or energizing equilibrium between her responsibilities and pastimes.

  • The moment Kelly realized her work-life-fitness balance was severely off-kilter, and what she did to recalibrate.

  • Food: plan when you’re going to eat and keep a little bit of food on hand if you’re too busy for a proper meal...MORE