Fitness is a mindset.

In response to last week’s episode about dumping the fears that hold you back, listener Diane wrote in and voiced her concern that she had lost her passion and was slipping into a rut with her own daily routine. The fear that we're unable to make a difference can prompt us to shrug our shoulders and give in, allowing our usual routine to dominate what used to be joyful and inspiring. So what we need to do is reassess where our passions lie and find new ways to structure our routine around them.

In this episode, Kelly discusses what we can do each day to make ourselves healthy, successful, and full of joy, how she changed up her own nightly routine and explains why looking for perfection might not be the best path.

  • Don’t be the hamster stuck in its wheel!
  • Why chasing perfection is only going to set yourself up for disappointment.
  • How Kelly noticed a rut forming in her own home routine, and how she went about changing it...MORE

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