Fitness is a mindset.

Hayley Carr is a high performance success coach with 19—19!—karate world titles under her belt who doesn’t like playing small. She works with individual and group clients to not just improve but transform them, turning potential into action. Hayley is also a close friend of Kelly’s—even if they’ve never met in person—so the following conversation is less an interview and more a casual yet intimate chat between two people who know each other very well.

In this episode, Hayley makes her case for why gradual, incremental changes are better in the long term, helps you identify what you have immediate control over in your life, and delves into how she recently shook up her own life.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Hayley explains how tiny shifts in your behavior and training can lead to bigger changes.

  • Why going slower is key to improving your technique and building confidence.

  • Looking for the little things that are within our control so you can start turning your plan into a reality...MORE