Fitness is a mindset.

Fitness consistency in small weekly doses!

How do I create a workout plan that works for my life?

Are there easy ways to change bad habits or add accountability to my life?

Is mindset really that important when it comes to fitness?

These are just a few of the questions Fitness Consistency & Adventure Expert Kelly Howard dives into each week on the Being Fit is Freedom Podcast. Being FIT and happy is as much about mindset, habits, and dreams as it is about skipping the scale and learning tools that keep you working out, consistently! It's putting yourself first so you can create the energy, confidence, vitality, and freedom you need to turn dreams into a reality, conquer the corporate ladder, or confidently take that adventure trip you’ve always dreamed of.

Discover why 10,000’s successful women turn to Kelly to master their mindset and gain a new outlook on health, fitness, weight loss, and living a life of freedom and fun.