Episode 001 – Focus: Clearing Your Energy & Living Space

Ready to get on track, be it physically, spiritually or personally, Your Body Mind Fit Connection is the perfect podcast for you. Host Kelly Howard takes listeners on a journey to holistically address each segment of your life and get you feeling clear-headed, refreshed and healthy.

In this first episode, Kelly starts your journey to total fitness off on the right foot by inspiring you to declutter your living space, paring your possessions down only to what you need to live a clean and active life.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

-Denise Duffield-Thomas’ approach to decluttering as a means of achieving financial abundance.
-The “Three Piles” method of sorting what clothes you do and don’t need.
-Crafting a checklist and taking the steps to tackle your clutter a little bit at a time.
-Focusing only on the clothes and shoes that suit your needs, fitness goals and ideal appearance.
-Next week: exercise gear, dirty pantry secrets, and embarrassing pictures!


“Out with anything that made me feel like a failure for not being able to rock it.”

“When you have things in your world you don’t like… it’s like a physical mental and emotional weight that just doesn’t do anything but make us feel bad.”

“Anything that’s holding you back, just let it go; there’s no need for negative feelings here.”

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