Episode 003 – Mindset

Getting yourself refreshed and in shape is a near-constant reminder of how harsh we can be towards ourselves, judging our own appearance and drive. To get our minds and bodies fit, getting yourself in a healthy, positive headspace more effectively enables us to do the work we need to put in.

In this episode, Kelly discusses the negative thoughts she and others have had to grapple with on their paths to self-improvement, as well as the steps we can take to keep ourselves on a healthy track even if work can get in the way.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

Kelly’s interviews her fellow conference-goers about self-doubt and discusses the surprising answers she received.
How “work mode” can distract from the regular exercise we need to put in.
The little ways we can keep ourselves healthy from day to day even if we’re really busy.
Finding a new voice to describe yourself.
A helpful little meditation tactic you can try on your own and put yourself in a better mood.
Next week: an interview with Oonagh Duncan of Fit Feels Good!


“We shouldn’t be thinking those kinds of thoughts because they’re really counter-productive, especially if we want to be healthy and vibrant, right?”

“You can’t really change something until you know what you’ve got.”

“I may look for the great in other people but I wasn’t doing it so consistently with myself.”

“I had to shift my entire thought process around how I was looking at myself, and it’s made a difference—it’s made a big difference, actually.”

“I believe that without our health, we can’t have everything that we want in life.”

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