Episode 005 – Motivation

As much as we may want to get fit and organized, life can throw obstacles in your way, be it pain, fatigue or just not being able to find the spark to get off. To keep ourselves on track and accountable when we really just aren’t feeling it on an off day, it helps to have a solid plan to provide motivation and structure.

In this episode, Kelly discusses the dangers of overwork, how to formulate a plan that keeps you active yet not worn out, and some key techniques for becoming your own best coach.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

-Kelly relates her own difficulties working through fatigue and discomfort.
-The importance of finding a friend you can be accountable with.
-How essential it is to follow through on the promises you’ve made for yourself.
-Turning your wish list into a workable schedule.
-Download Kelly’s 12-step plan to get back on your feet.


“Sometimes we can’t always keep ourselves on track and motivated. Sometimes we need the power of friends and a good plan to get ourselves back on track.”

“I think this is where most of us fall off, when we have a wishlist instead of a schedule.”

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