Episode – 026 Belief Breakthroughs with Tara Wagner

Tara Wagner is a belief breakthrough coach whose services are aimed at self-employed women struggling with the day-to-day stresses of running their own businesses. For over a decade, Tara has helped her clients debunk and put aside beliefs that have held them back from personal growth and physical improvement.

In this episode, Tara discusses how previously helpful beliefs can take root and limit us, the process for changing these beliefs in order to develop a healthier emotional state, and provides us with some handy self-care techniques.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– Why Tara considers belief systems to be “B.S.,” and how a lot of harmful ones may have helped us once upon a time but have since become obsolete.

– How we have the ultimate power over our beliefs, rather than the other way around.

– Tara’s process for helping move her clients away from limiting beliefs.

– The benefit of digging deep into your core beliefs, even if it leaves you feeling vulnerable.

– Some handy tips for moving from a belief system that doesn’t serve you to an emotional state that does.

– The “Oregon trail” principle of ingraining and changing beliefs.

– Some handy self-care techniques you can practise every day.

– Check out Tara’s Self-Care in Seconds package at https://xotara.us/!


“[Meditation] teaches you to create space between who you are and your thoughts.”

“9 times out of 10, when we tackle the need, the emotions and the behaviors start to resolve themselves.”

“There’s a difference between digging deep and digging yourself a grave, and it’s how long you stay down there.”

“We can stay on a conscious level because our unconscious is still reacting to that conscious work.”

“We don’t have to dig into the unconscious all the time because our unconscious knows what it’s doing.”

“If you ask your mind the right questions, the right answers start to surface.”

“Cleaning house is not a need. Cleaning house is a strategy to meet a need.”


XO, Tara Wagner homepage – https://xotara.us/

The Angel Tiger Fit homepage – https://angeltigerfit.com/
Podigy – https://podigy.co/

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