Episode – 011 Exiting the Pity Party

Whether it’s from a bad day, an honest mistake you made, or events beyond your control, at some point down the line you’ll probably trip and fall into a deep pit of self-pity—“Woe is me,” I can’t believe I messed up like that,” “Can’t I do anything right?”, etc. Those moments leave us feeling weak and hopeless, but if you stay down in that hole for too long then self-pity risks becoming comforting and validating. So when you are down, it’s good to have the tools to dig yourself out.


In this episode, Kelly relates her friends’ personal experiences with self-pity, breaks down how self-pity gets us trapped in our own heads, and provides some helpful tips to get yourself back on your feet and moving again if life gives you a wallop.


The Finer Details of This Episode:

– How pity parties quickly build up and override our thoughts.

– Why it’s okay to wallow a little.

– Figuring out which friends will simply comfort you vs. which friends will offer the constructive advice you need.

– Why your significant other may not be the best person to turn to when you’re feeling down.

– What’s your Kryptonite? Which stimuli negative affect your mood? What positive activities and pastimes can you bring into your life?

– The importance of identifying what you can and cannot control.

– How decent food and sleep will help you climb out of your pity hole.



“What we’re talking about today is the emotional body slam that happens most likely to all of us at some time in our life.”


“If something knocked you down, kicked your feet out from underneath you, then just acknowledge it!”


“Call a friend who’s not going to give you the pat on the back. Call a friend who’s gonna give you the tough love.”


“I just immersed myself in things that changed my mindset, that made me a little happier, that made me laugh. Look for the positive out there.”


“When we start focusing on something outside of ourselves, it is so easy to forget about our problems and help someone else.”



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Angel Tiger Fit Action Plan – https://kellyhoward.lpages.co/atf-download-get-fit-website/


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