Episode – 012 Changing Your Lifestyle is Medicine

Michele Drielick is the CEO of DestinyWell, a private laboratory that specializes in providing “at-home” medical tests for health-conscious individuals, as well as health coaching. With DestinyWell, she aims to keep patients on top of their health outside of their annual or semiannual checkups and identify which conditions your body may be susceptible to before they fully develop and become real problems.

In this conversation, Michele discusses how DestinyWell operates within the medical industry, what aspects of our healthy are frequently overlooked, and the importance of taking control of your health destiny.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– Why Michele and her partners founded DestinyWell, and how its primary focus is personal responsibility.

– How DestinyWell is built around the vast array of information available to patients today.

– What health markers are Michele and her team looking out for.

– Breaking down the concept of living “optimally well.”

– Bone health, the vital importance of Vitamin D, and the dangers of calcium misuse.

– Figuring out what treatments and regimens work best for you and your lifestyle.

– How semi-annual checkups can put us off from seeking the treatment we need.

– Next week: another special guest!


“I think what we fail to realize as individuals is our own responsibility.”

“Your path is not just predicted by your genes… you own your own health outcome.”

“With the availability of information today, a lot of people feel like they’re smarter than their doctor on a lot of things.”

“Optimal living is finding that place where you’re living congruently about what it is you know about health and about yourself.”

“Changing your lifestyle is medicine.”

“There’s so much to know. It’s evolving all the time and we’re just getting smarter and smarter about it.”


DestinyWell homepage – https://www.destinywell.com/

DestinyWell quiz – https://www.destinywell.com/quiz/

DestinyWell Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/DestinyWellUS/

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