Episode – 014 Healthier Habits for a Fitter Future

Lisa Hisscock is a certified health and fitness coach specializing in behavioral change, working closely with her clients to foster new and healthy habits to keep them in shape on a day-to-day basis. Through her coaching business More Than a Body, she takes a full lifestyle approach to health and fitness. With her routine and enough time, the exercises and chores you always end up putting off until later will become second-nature.


In this conversation, Lisa lays out her “four non-negotiables” for changing behaviour, explains why we overestimate the importance of willpower in fitness, and delves into why your happy hour routine may have to change with your fitness routine.


The Finer Details of This Episode:

– Lisa explains why “empty nesters” make up the bulk of her clientele.

– The different exercise habits Lisa noticed among her early clients and why this observation pushed her toward behavioral coaching.

– Lisa lays out her four-factor process for enabling long-term behavioral changes in her clients.

– A few easy tips for fighting off insomnia.

– Minimizing cortisol, the stress hormone.

– Why changing your habits can mean changing your hangouts.



“I envision this world, Kelly, where we don’t have any bathroom scales anymore.”

“I really wanted to help people in AND out of the gym.”

“You have to take action, and if not you just have a journal of things that you’d like to do.”

“When biology and willpower go to war, biology wins 100% of the time.”

“It is very important to me that I set up my environment to be the healthiest version of me.”



More Than a Body homepage – http://www.morethanabody.com/

The Angel Tiger Fit homepage – https://angeltigerfit.com/


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  1. That was awesome! Resonated with every aspect of th conversation as a recent empty nester and a corporate executive who finds her self traveling most weeks. It’s definitely a struggle to keep the cortisol in check as we get older. Love love loved this!!

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