Episode – 016 Steps to an Easy New Year

The winter holidays can be a perilous time when you’re trying to maintain a workout routine—even more if you plan on starting one, as is the case with many New Year’s resolutions. Between the food and festivity (and depending on where you live, the weather), you might not feel like going out for a daily jog or even have the time to fit one in.

So for those worried about keeping up or starting a routine during Yuletide, Kelly lists her 8 steps for working out consistently over the holidays while still taking time to enjoy yourself.

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The Finer Details of This Episode:

– A shout-out to Jamie for her review of last week’s episode!

– How to easily transition from outdoor spring/summer exercise to indoor fall/winter workouts.

– Why the usual approach to New Year’s fitness resolutions so often fails.

– Kelly’s comprehensive tips for making “sticky” resolutions.

– If you need a workout partner to keep you in check over the holidays, find one on the Angel Tiger Fit homepage!


“Fitness isn’t this week; it’s forever!”

“Take care of your schedule before you do anything else.”

“So often the knee-jerk desire is ‘lose weight,’ when in fact, what you really might want is that feeling you get when you’re super healthy.”

“Start small, start doable.”


Fit & Fun Challenge – https://kellyhoward.lpages.co/atf-30-days-challenge-opt-in-website/

The Angel Tiger Fit Scheduler – https://kellyhoward.lpages.co/atf-download-get-fit-website/

The Angel Tiger Fit homepage – https://angeltigerfit.com/

Read more tips on how to achieve your goal – https://fitisfreedom.com/five-simple-ways-to-make-your-fitness-goal-stick/

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