Episode – 018 Sugar and Stress: A Hormonal Mess! – Interview with Michele Drielick

Michele Drielick (see her earlier episode) returns to break down all things stressful. In case you missed her earlier appearance, Michele is the CEO of DestinyWell, a private laboratory that specializes in providing “at-home” medical tests for health-conscious individuals, as well as health coaching. She aims to keep patients on top of their health outside of their annual or semiannual checkups and identify which conditions your body may be susceptible to before they fully develop and become real problems.

In this episode, Michele discusses stress, the wide-ranging impact it has on your body, and how you can tame stress and make it work to your advantage.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • The interaction between stress and sleep, and why it’s a mistake to think of it as purely psychological.
  • How stress can deeply impact fertility hormones.
  • Why we need to take a combined mind-body approach to combating stress.
  • The benefits of reframing the things you “have” to do as the things you “get” to do.
  • The surprisingly quick way your body can turn itself around when you want it to.
  • The relationship between sugars and stress and how the latter can affect your nutrition.
  • Michele’s positive experience using the Oura Ring health tracking device.
  • Stress, sleep, and Kelly’s experience with sea monsters.
  • Why you should be saving hormone treatments for last.


“When we think negative things, our body interprets that as stress.”

“Your body is creating a physical environment based on what you perceive to be an emotional environment, and it’s not, ’cause they’re chemicals..”

“You just need to give your body the chance to heal itself.”


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Oura Ring

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