Episode – 025 The Present Moment is your Superpower

We’re wrapping up our Superpower Month—well, Superpower Slighty-Longer-Than-a-Month—by focusing on what’s right in front of us: the present. Being present might not seem to be an obvious superpower in the same way sleep or regular fitness is, but you’ll find that centering yourself and your activities in the moment pays dividends. It will keep you grounded and compel you to put in the necessary work when your thoughts and body might want you to put it off for another day.

In this episode, Kelly discusses what was missing from her routine, why getting older means we need to put in even more physical and mental effort, and what the “Minimum Daily Requirements” for fitness are.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– Kelly breaks down her daily mindfulness and meditation routine and realizes what was missing.

– How present-moment fitness pushes back against the mind’s tendency to procrastinate and delay our regular exercise.

– “Quick win” baby steps we can incorporate into our routine.

– Figuring out the minimum daily requirements for exercise and health.

– The danger of the “slowing down” period our body enters when we begin our thirties.


“These aren’t things that are gonna move the needle forward—this is maintenance, not progress. But if we aren’t doing the maintenance, then we’re probably sliding backwards.”

“We are what we think about, and what we think about expands.”

“Let’s all stay present to being fit now—because without our health, we simply don’t have anything.”


Zach Bush’s Nitric Oxide Dump – http://www.nitricoxidedump.com/
The Egoscue Method – https://www.egoscue.com/

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