Episode – 027 Backpacking for Beginners with Allison Boyle

Allison Boyle is a blogger, coach and self-described “outdoor backpacking mentor.” Originally from Texas, Allison moved to California and fell in love with the great outdoors (much to her surprise). Now writes about her experiences, and advice at She Dreams of Alpine, offering training and guidance programs aimed at aspiring outdoorswomen in particular.

In this episode, Allison explains what converted her to the rugged outdoor life, how discomfort and exhilaration can go hand-in-hand, and how living out of your van on the weekend can make for a surprisingly ideal working environment.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– How and why Allison went from being outdoors-averse to an accomplished hiker and backpacker.

– Why getting into backpacking is easier than you think.

– Type 2 Fun: learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

– How Allison’s She Dreams of Alpine service empowers women looking to expand their outdoor horizons.

– Why backpacking is the ultimate gateway to outdoor adventuring.

– How Allison hopes her students feel by the time they finish her programs.

– What it’s like for Allison to work and live out of her van on the weekends.

– A preview of Allison’s free Outdoor Adventure Starter Kit that you can find a link to below.


“Maybe I am less fearful and maybe I am stronger than I think I am.”

“Once you reach one goal, then you start to realize the potential of other goals.”

“You’re not gonna remember all those times that you sat at home and missed out on doing something, you’re gonna remember those times that you pushed yourself.”

“I think outdoor adventure is like the ultimate self-discovery tool.”

“I’ll be happy anywhere with a view of the Sierras.”


She Dreams of Alpine – https://www.shedreamsofalpine.com/

Outdoor Adventure Starter Kit – https://shedreamsofalpine.mykajabi.com/outdoor-adventure-starter-kit

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