Episode – 032 Night-time Rituals to Rock Your Day

Kelly Travis is a health and success coach whose clients are high-achieving female professionals. Kelly wasn’t always the picture of personal and professional success she is today, having struggled with an eating disorder and toxic relationship in her past. But pregnancy pushed her to take control of her life, and now she’s hale, hearty, and helps other women find true happiness and kick ass.

In this episode, Kelly lays out her own inspiring story, emphasizes how important a good evening routine is, and breaks down a couple of the courses she provides to her clients.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– How Kelly turned her life around and started coaching other women.

– The kinds of women Kelly coaches and what they can expect out of her “Ascend” Mastermind course.

– How Kelly’s teaching tools can help you reprogram the way you think.

– Why a regular, all-encompassing evening routine is so vital to rest and feeling refreshed the next day.

– Immediate tips listeners can take away from Kelly to improve their health and mindset.

– A sneak peek at Kelly’s Health Heal Success course coming in May.


“I realized that if I wanted to bring another life into this world, I had to do some serious work on myself.”

“None of this work is effective if we don’t have self-awareness.”

“We have the power and the control to change and we’re really  the only person standing in that way of that happening.”

“Life is really about a marathon and that last final stretch is the hardest when it comes to reaching certain goals.”

“You need health and well-being to be successful in your career, and you need your career to feel like you have overall health and well-being.”


Kelly’s homepage – http://www.kellytravis.net

7 Things Your Evening Routine Should Include – https://kellytravis.us13.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=aa07cda30d7b517c9827135e6&id=3f91547d6b

The Angel Tiger Fit homepage – https://angeltigerfit.com/

Podigy – https://podigy.co/

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  1. Catching up on unread e-mails tonight – Enjoyed this episode & especially liked the analogy of getting into bed with dirty clothes. Not that my sheets are always freshly laundered but the thought that taking unresolved issues to bed with us is a bad idea was spot on. Thanks for sharing & keep up the great work!

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