Episode – 036 How to Get Lean & Strong

Niki Riat is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist who makes use of the LeanStrong method, which mixes a vegan menu with comprehensive knowledge of the body and one-on-one coaching. We tend to think of vegan diets as lacking in protein, but Niki’s LeanStrong method actually optimizes the amount of protein you consume with this healthier diet without requiring meat or supplements.

In this episode, Niki examines the facts underlying the benefits of a vegan diet, breaks down what LeanStrong can do for you, and discusses the upsides of intermittent fasting.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– Debunking some of the myths surrounding vegan and ketogenic diets and taking a closer look at the scientific evidence.

– Niki’s three-pronged approach for creating a healthy diet that has long-term effects.

– Why an overabundant food supply doesn’t necessarily equal a healthy food supply.

– Coming up with healthy strategies in situations/events when vegan or keto options might not be available.

– Diving deep into intermittent fasting—or “intermittent feeding,” as Niki thinks of it.

– How you can give your own cells a “spring cleaning.”

– Niki’s method for optimizing your protein intake even while on a vegan/keto diet.

– Why Niki’s LeanStrong program is like learning to drive a car.

– The next round of LeanStrong is starting up—here’s how to figure out if it’s right for you (it probably is!).


“You can lose weight a lot of different ways but they’re not all necessarily healthy.”

“We’re not eating in the same way our ancestors did thousands of years ago, so we kinda have to do things just a little bit differently.”

“We are hard enough on ourselves; we don’t need anyone else giving us anymore rules.”

“It’s really fun to watch women break the rules.”

“We never give our body the chance to heal itself because we’re constantly make it work by digesting food, by constantly feeding ourselves.”

“I’ve really taken the decision fatigue out of dieting.”


LeanStrong Method – http://leanstrongmethod.com/

Fit Is Freedom homepage – https://fitisfreedom.com/

Podigy – https://podigy.co/

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