Episode – 038 The Elephant in the Room

Identify your Elephant in the Room and Free it!

What’s the biggest issue in your life whose very existence you’d rather not even acknowledge? One thing that could change everything if you take the time to put it out in the open and address it? We’ll often try to shake up other aspects of our lives—a new diet, a new exercise routine or hobby—but without cutting to the core of what’s really bugging us, we can end up reverting to our old habits again and again and again.

In this episode, Kelly discusses some of her own “elephants” and those her clients have struggled with, and suggests ways you can suss out your own.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– How your elephant in the room can be the first toppled domino that makes the rest of your problems fall into perspective.

– Consider what you really want to accomplish, then work backwards and figure out which obstacles are holding you back from that goal.

– Find a buddy who you know is honest and will help you pin down your elephant.

– How Kelly helped a client realize her resistance to changing eating habits tied into wanting to accommodate her husband.


“What’s the real reason that whatever it is that you say you want just isn’t happening?”

“We all have one thing that can lead to a big change for all the others becoming easier and easier.”

“Elephants are so much better in the wild. Find yours and set it free.”


The ONE Thing – https://www.the1thing.com/

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