Episode – 042 Playing the Long Game

When you take action today, you make everything better tomorrow!

Today’s freer form episode was inspired by an introspective writing exercise Kelly was working on, one that asked to consider her top three values. Two of the top values she whittled her list down to were health and freedom, which she believes to have a symbiotic relationship—after all, the healthier you are, the more you’re able to take advantage of life’s possibilities, but the less free time you have, the less time there is to stay in shape. You have to plan in both the short and long term to maximize your opportunity for both.

In this episode, Kelly discusses what it took to get her to consider her long-term health priorities and challenges you to dive deep into your own motivations and goals.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– The (not quite literally) backbreaking moment that forced Kelly to get a grip on her health.

– Why focusing on fitness earlier in life is playing the long game with your health.

–  Exercise: ask yourself what really matters to you in both the short and long term? What does freedom mean to you? How frequently does work take priority over fitness? And most importantly, what are three things you can do today to get your health on track for the future?

– If you’re interested in Kelly’s upcoming “30 Days of Let’s Make Stuff Happen” event, email kelly@fitisfreedom.com


“If you want to have freedom in your life, you actually have to have health.”

“What we do today makes all the difference in the world on what we can do tomorrow.”

“What’s your long game, and what’s your short game?”

“What can you do differently, right now, so that you can allow yourself to have that time to take care of yourself?”


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