Episode – 045 The Three Biggest Fitness Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Most of the women Kelly works with are successful, active, and very, VERY busy, so it’s easy for them to become overwhelmed in short order. It’s not necessarily that a new diet or fitness routine is too much. It’s more that pressure we put on ourselves when we commit to something can push us towards overload. With this in mind, Kelly recently challenged her friend to take one of the myriad tasks she commits to and just dial it back a bit.

In this episode, Kelly breaks down the three big mistakes people starting off on a new fitness routine and/or diet tend to make and explains what you can do to course-correct.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– Doing too much all at once from the get-go and burning yourself out before you can really get used to your routine.

– Not knowing what your ‘why’ is—that is to say, what actually motivates you deep down rather than what you think motivates you.

– Not having micro-goals to act as milestones that keep you going and make you feel accomplished from day to day, week to week, etc.


“Your possibility of injury is higher if you haven’t taken care of yourself before.”

“We are so busy, busy, busy doing ‘shoulds’ and ‘do’s’ and ‘need to’s’ that sometimes you just need to stop and just say ‘no, I don’t think I can help with that.’”

“Be softer on yourself. Be caring and gentle, okay?”


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