Episode – 046 Are You Short on Time or On Commitment?

While Kelly’s normally a cheerleader for herself and everybody listening, she’s starting on something of a low note this week. She wants you to consider a time—or even times—you set a goal for yourself but ultimately didn’t follow through on it. Why didn’t you? Did you take on too much at once? Or maybe you didn’t truly want to follow through on this goal. Both honesty and discipline are required to reach the goalposts we set for ourselves.

In this episode, Kelly argues for removing “try” from your vocabulary. Kelly’s also starting a new group in the near future. If you’d like to know more, email her at kelly@fitisfreedom.com or leave a message in the comments!

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– How Kelly failed to commit to her own “no sugar in coffee” promise.

– The difference between “trying” and truly committing to a goal.

– Start with a smaller goal and plot out how your life will be different in 90 days if you commit to it.

– Why it’s important for your family members to be accommodating for your goal buy-in.

– NEXT WEEK: Kelly takes a look at the next C, “community.”


“If you find yourself saying that you’re gonna try something, then know that you’re really not planning on being committed to it.”

“To move the needle forward, you really do need that one hundred percent commitment.”

“When you’re a hundred percent committed, you’ll find the time, you’ll find the way, you’ll find the mindset, you’ll find what you need to make your step the next day.”


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