Episode – 048 Consistency: What It Is and How It Varies from Commitment

Kelly is on vacation, and while she is getting in your standard rest and relaxation (plus podcast recording), she’s also making a point of staying active through kayaking. That’s because she knows consistency is key to staying on top of your fitness goals. Even when life gets in the way of our fitness, it’s good to step back and examine what’s preventing us from sticking to our routine every day.

In this episode, Kelly discusses how you can make your fitness regimen easier to stick to day in and day out, and explains how you can jump back from a lengthy break.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– How taking a bunch of little steps toward your goal is both more manageable and less daunting than taking a few big ones.

– Making repetition the key to honing your confidence.

– The easy solution for missing a day of training and what you can do to get yourself back on track after missing a week or more.

– Looking into the real reason why we might miss out on exercise.

– How you can get on the mailing list for Kelly’s upcoming August program!


“Better consistent than not at all.”

“The small steps are gonna get you to the big stuff.”

“What is this next week gonna bring to you that you can do differently, that’s gonna get you where you want to go.”


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