Episode – 049 Layered Accountability Makes Everything Easier

Kelly was recently taken aback when a fitness-minded friend of hers said that he considered being part of an accountability group to be “cheating.” In truth, when you mix layered accountability into your routine, it’s not only easier to get what you want out of it but it feels more purposeful as well. Layered accountability will keep you on track and sticking to your goal when you want to make big, difficult changes, rather than alter a smaller habit.

In this episode, Kelly explains the people you definitely want—and probably don’t want—in your support system to keep you accountable even when your will wavers. As well, the Fit Is Freedom Formula fitness experience is going live and accepting applications on the date this podcast goes live (July 29). To guarantee your spot, scroll down to the bottom of the Fit is Freedom home page to the “Together We’re Unstoppable” heading. 

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– Defining what layered accountability is and what kinds of accountability it’s made up of.

– What it’s like working under an online coach, especially in a group setting.

– Why the person you love the most is also the worst person to have as an accountability partner.

– How friendly competition can actually push the group to hold each other more accountable.

– ANNOUNCEMENT: Kelly’s Fit is Freedom Formula is launching on July 29! Save your spot on the website!


“Whatever it is that you do, and the person that you are and the way that you’re being, you’re the one who’s actually gonna drive the change that you wanna make.”

“Any time I want to raise the bar in my life, I find a coach.”

“Instead of that one-on-one, think about the idea of having a community.”


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