Five Steps to Get Any Fitness Goal You Want

I am a big believer that if you WANT something, if it’s a HELL YES for you, then you need to throw everything you have at it. This is not the time to tiptoe in and “hope” that something works. It’s the time to roar in (like a tiger) and scratch your line in the sand. (had to do the tiger line in the sand thing)

How many times have you said to yourself; this is the summer, the year, the time, I do X. Every time you draw that line and then don’t follow through, it takes a little bite out of you and it’s that much harder to do next time.

I’m not big on spectator sports, but I was becoming a spectator on weekends when I went to cheer my friends on at their sprint triathlons. Looked like fun, but I couldn’t swim. Unless you count dog paddling, which no one did.

But, I got the bug and I didn’t want to do just any sprint, I wanted to do one my friends thought was crazy. It was a sprint that included 22 miles of hard hilly cycling, 3.5 hilly run miles and then a little 200-meter swim. Really, none of it was very daunting to me because I gave myself 3 months to train and I was already a good cyclist. But the swim. Terrifying. I tested in the gym pool how long would it take me to dog paddle 200 meters. About 30 minutes it turned out. What if I drowned? How embarrassing would that be!

I learned how to swim. I started with a book. Moved on to videos, then kickboards and then a coach. When I got out of that pool, there were still people swimming. Best-feeling-ever.

I put together this 5-step plan to get me through the triathlon. Over the years I have refined and used it countless times. The trick to getting what you want in life and health is to honestly, absolutely, throw everything at it.

Go wild. Tell me how it worked for you. It got me the silver at my race.

(If you are dealing with injury issues, stay tuned. I’ll share my exact Injury Free plan in a future blog, I’ve had a few of those too)!


What is possible for you to accomplish in the next 60-90 days? Ask yourself, what’s it going to be? A 5K walk, a Sprint Triathlon, lose 8 pounds? Start small. Choose something that you really want to do and is doable for you. Don’t overextend yourself, there is plenty of time for more fun in the future. Skip the injuries!

If you’re going to run a local race or walk, do the research. Find the event that fits your timeframe. Register now, do not wait until you are ready, another week or month will just slip by.

Grab a Buddy

What’s your style? You like a workout partner? You’re all about checking in on the mobile. Or, are you an alpha app user? List 3 to 5 friends who you can reach out to to be your Buddy. Remember, they will have their own “Check-in style” too so find someone whose style is compatible with yours.

Establish when, how and where you are going to check-in with each other. Example: weekly call on Tuesday evening at 6:00 PM, daily text when you’re leaving for your workout, friend each other on your favorite app.

Shake on it, virtually, in person, however, you do it, make sure you are both committed. No Buddy who wants to play along? Use a site like for online accountability.

Hire a Professional

Need a push? Hire a fitness coach. Trainers come in all flavors; from weights to Pilates to yoga to running. I used a book and online videos to get started swimming. Once I felt I had mastered the basics, I hired a swimming coach to fine-tune my knowledge. You’ll find online coaches and in person trainers. Grab your 5-Step Plan and follow the 1, 2 3, of hiring a fitness coach.

List friends who have the skill/fitness level etc. that you desire. Ask them if they have a trainer they would refer. Be very specific about what you are looking for. Let them know you are looking for a trainer, not a hand. Typically, a trainer will get you much further than a helpful friend.

Schedule up

Use your favorite schedule app or better yet, grab our custom 2-week fitness schedules. When you are setting your plan it’s important to know, do you want your week to begin on a Sunday or a Monday? Never go into your week without your schedule being created beforehand. Make sure you take into consideration travel, social commitments, family plans. Being prepared and scheduled before the week starts will help you avoid “legitimate excuses.” Get those out of your life. Your goals are epically important.

If you are traveling research options before you go. If I am on a “lifting schedule” and traveling I’ll check with the hotel (photos and on the phone) to see what options are REALLY available at the in-hotel gym. Or, maybe you want to run or walk. Make sure where you are staying is a good place to do this. I know there have been hotels that strongly discouraged me for going for an early morning run.

Once you have created your schedule (best done in 2-week increments), print it out and put where you are going to see it. Consistently!

Bonus: Mindset & Fitness

Dream It – Feel It – Be It!

Can you see yourself reaching your goal? Better yet, do you feel how it’s going to feel to accomplish what your goal? Are you proud, excited, relieved, blissful, what’s the energy and emotions you feel? Feel those feelings right this minute. Get excited. Turn up the bliss. Smile.

Take time every day to deeply feel how it’s going to feel to achieve this goal that you have been aiming for. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. As you breathe in, breathe in that way you are going to feel. Hold it. As you exhale, breath out any stress or worry.

Finally, ask yourself; the person who accomplishes her goal – what’s she like? Is she more confident? Does she walk different than you? Is there a greater ease to who she is?

She can only be who she is and achieve what she does with your help. Your goals are a place to work from, and who you are each day is what makes your life extraordinary.

Show up, throw everything you have at it and have lots and lots of fun along the way. Goals are stepping stones to greater goals, and daily actions are the pebbles that build the foundation

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