How To Dig Yourself Out of a Pit of Self-Pity

Have you recently said something like “Woe is me,” “I can’t believe I messed up like that” or “I can’t do anything right”? You are not alone! 

Whether it’s from a bad day, an honest mistake you made, or events beyond your control, at some point down the line, you’ll probably trip and fall into a bottomless pit of self-pity if you’re not already in one. Here are a few ways to dig yourself out of a personal pity party and get back up on your feet! 


Guess what?! It’s okay to cry. I actually encourage you to let it all out and scream if you need to. But after you’ve gotten it all out of your system, I urge you to move on and do what you can to improve your situation. 


Pick up the phone and call a friend! Call the friend that will listen to how you feel, make an effort to understand the situation, and then bless you with the cold, hard truth. Accept the tough love and make an effort to graciously take it to heart. You may feel uncomfortable at the time, but their honesty has the power to pull you out of your pity party. 


What’s your weakness? Do you binge-watch Netflix, devour chocolate, stuff your face with junk food, or drink a bottle of wine when you’re feeling down? Your kryptonite is likely making you feel even worse and dragging you down even more. Identify what it is to you and ditch it. I encourage you to avoid it, throw it out, and shift your thoughts away from it. 


One of the best ways to clear your head and increase your energy is to move your body. Whether you like to cycle, swim, run, or organize your home, begin. Stand up, get dressed, and get moving! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll feel better both mentally and physically. 


Seek out a podcast, book, or playlist that radiates positivity. Spend some time-consuming content that lifts your spirits, encourages you to improve yourself, or makes you laugh. I remember walking into a book store after going through a hard time in my life and purchasing every comedy book I could find. These books helped me laugh my way out of my pity party. 


Shift your mindset off of you and your situation by serving others. Consider volunteering at a donation center or offering to help a friend in need. Focus your thoughts and attention on improving someone else’s life, and I have a pretty good feeling it’ll enhance your own in the end. 


Yes, you’ve heard this one a million times before, but it is SO, SO important. Fuel your body with healthy foods and adequate amounts of rest to improve your mood and mental wellbeing. Junk food and late nights will only slow you down and clutter your mind. Consider going to bed a little bit earlier and consuming more fruits and vegetables. 

Whether you’re currently in a deep pit of self-pity or are taking preventative measures to not fall into one, consider these few ways to dig yourself out of a personal pity party and get back up on your feet. For even more tips on exiting a pity party, tune into Episode 11 of the Fit Is Freedom podcast.