Eight Simple Steps to Help Clarify Your Goal

As I pulled myself out of bed one morning, I fell straight to the floor. I couldn’t move. I felt immense pain. I was stuck. 

Being the avid planner that I am, I decided right then and there, while sprawled out on my bedroom floor, that I needed to make a change in my life. I couldn’t bear to feel the fatigue and discomfort any longer. My body had given out due to stress, lack of movement, and a pulled muscle. Once I got up, felt a little relief, and could think straight, I made a plan that took me from flat on the floor to living a healthy and active life. Consider these eight simple steps to help clarify a goal in your life. 

1. Define The Goal 

In my mind, I am a gazelle. In real life, I am a plow horse. My goal was to run a 5K. I had always dreamed of doing it, but I allowed work, stress, and life to get in the way. 

2. Understand The “Why” 

Running a 5K was something I had always wanted to do. I must have been born with the desire and fire to be a runner. I wanted to know that my body was capable of completing a long-distance run. 

3. Research 

I set aside five minutes to search Google for local upcoming 5K events. This gave me a clear understanding of how long I would have to train for the event. 

4. Sign Up 

Instead of coming up with every excuse not to sign up for the 5K right then and there, I quickly added my name to the list. There will never be a “perfect” time to complete your goal, so push yourself to do it when the opportunity arises. 

5. Find a Buddy 

I messaged two of my friends who had struggled with the same physical pain I had just experienced. We agreed to catch up once a week to check in on how we were growing and healing. This accountability motivated me to continue pursuing my goal. If needed, consider hiring a professional trainer to hold you accountable. 

6. Gather Gear 

Once I knew when and where I would be running the 5K, I researched what gear I would need to complete it. I found a pair of comfortable running shoes, and I grabbed a few running outfits to train in. 

7. Make a Schedule 

Instead of saying, “I need to run for 30 minutes today” or “I should run five times this week,” I scheduled in time to train on my calendar. By scheduling time to run, I followed through with my commitment instead of “wishing” I would complete it. 

8. Question Yourself 

I continually asked myself, “Who would I be if I did this?” I wanted to remind myself of how much better and more accomplished I would feel if I followed through with my goal. I pictured myself crossing the finish line and achieving incredible success. 

If you’re flat on the floor, in the midst of getting up, or are writing out a plan, consider these eight simple steps to clarify your goal. I believe in you! I believe that you can accomplish what you set out to achieve. For more tips on how to clarify your goal, visit Episode 22 of the Fit Is Freedom podcast

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