Fix Injuries Feel Great using Postural Therapy

Fix Injuries & Feel Great using Postural Therapy: Interview with Kristina from Egoscue – Episode 114

After some great struggles with various aches and pains and countless doctor visits, I had reached my breaking point. 

I felt like I was facing the end of my fitness journey, but along came my secret weapon to bring my body back and restore my confidence! 

Needless to say, I am THRILLED to be joined this week by Kristina from Egoscue. We’ll be discussing my personal journey with Egoscue. Their holistic approach to understanding the client and the root cause of their pain, along with postural therapy helped me, and it can be your secret weapon too! 

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Kristina will also be sharing the key signs of how you know that your body is out of alignment, which include…

-Pain or Discomfort

-Posture Challenges

-Foot Strike

With clients all over the world, Kristina brings her wisdom and knowledge to this incredibly helpful podcast! 

Listen to the full episode below!

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