Four Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle as an Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, you know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle while building and growing a business. As I was starting and selling numerous businesses of my own, I found myself thinking, “I either have to focus on my business OR on my health.” I was stuck in an “either-or” mindset until one day when it finally CLICKED! I could do both… I should so both… I will do both! 

If you are constantly feeling low on energy and never seem to have enough time to focus on your health, consider these four tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as an entrepreneur. 


The #1 thing that slows me down and leaves me depleted is when I simply forget to eat. I tend to skip meals when I get caught up in the busyness of my work. Meetings and lengthy projects often distract me from taking a long enough break to even think about eating a meal. As soon as I begin to feel myself lag, I think, “What did I eat and when?”. I’ve found that by having healthy meals prepped and ready, I am more likely to fuel my body with the nutrients it needs, even when I am short on time. 

Consider preparing 2-3 nutritious meals at the beginning of the week to have on hand to properly fuel your body in a pinch. Foods like chicken, veggies, and rice are easy to make and store in the refrigerator. They will fill you with the energy that you need to conquer your day. Instead of reaching for restaurant leftovers and frozen foods, grab your healthy meal, and enjoy an energy-filled day! 


A few years ago, one of my friends claimed that she only needed 4-5 hours of sleep a night. At the time, she was running a stressful business that constantly required her attention. She started to feel sluggish in the afternoon and was noticing weight gain in her midsection. When she realized how negatively her lack of sleep was affecting her, she intentionally chose to relieve herself of unnecessary stress and sleep for longer amounts of time. She quickly noticed that she was more energetic and was dropping the extra weight. 

I encourage you to sleep for 7-9 hours a night. Begin by putting away all devices an hour or two before getting into bed. This will relax your eyes and your mind. Plan out the upcoming day so that you aren’t worried about missing a deadline or what you will be doing. You’ll most likely be energized and ready for the day ahead if you allow yourself these crucial hours of rest each night. 


As a business owner myself, I completely understand how easy it is to sit at a computer for hours on end while working on various projects and tasks. When my workload is extra heavy, it’s difficult for me to complete my goal of 45-60 minutes of exercise six days a week. Instead of beating myself up about not having the time to hit my goal, I incorporate a 10-minute high-intensity workout into my workday to keep me active and moving. 

I encourage you to find or create a 10-minute workout that excites you. Schedule in a few minutes into your workday to complete these exercises either at your desk or near it. This will help relieve your mind and body of stress and allow you to approach your work with a fresh brain. Take note of your improved energy, focus, and attitude! 


When I don’t eat well, sleep enough, or move throughout the day, I can quickly become consumed with stress. Thoughts about meetings, phone calls, and projects clutter my mind. I’ve noticed that my brain fog increases, and my energy dissipates. As you know, this is not the best way to run and grow a business. I’ve learned to shift my thoughts and energy by taking a break to breathe, focus my attention elsewhere, and phone a friend. 

Taking a “Stress Rest Break,” breathing slowly for 30-45 seconds, is a great way to clear my head. I then focus my attention on a specific quality that I want to be, such as being focused or peaceful. This quickly takes my mind off of the stress that I had been experiencing. Calling up an encouraging friend for a quick conversation is another great way to re-energize and refocus! 

Life as an entrepreneur is busy and rewarding, but it should never be an excuse to neglect your health. Consider implementing these four tips into your daily routine to live an energy-filled and healthy lifestyle. For tips on how to keep your energy high from dawn to dusk, tune into Episode 40 of the Fit Is Freedom podcast. 

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