How to Define and Achieve Your Long-Term Health Goal

Have you ever had so many things to complete that you didn’t end up finishing any of them? This often happens when people are trying to achieve their health goals. They want to lose a few pounds, run a 10K, eat well for every meal, AND perfect their workout schedule. It becomes too much to handle, and they give up altogether. 

This may have been you once or twice or ten times before and that’s okay. I know exactly where you are coming from because I’ve done this too. Over the years, I’ve managed to define and achieve numerous goals and would like to share a few tips on how to do this without feeling burnt out. Today is the day to start fresh! 

To achieve your long-term health goal, you must start by nailing down what it is that you want to accomplish. Consider these two questions when defining your goal: 

What really matters to you long-term? 

Begin with the end in mind. Do you want to wake up every morning with energy to conquer your day? Do you want to travel with your grandchildren? Do you want to complete a 10K? Whatever it may be for you, be sure to pursue this one thing in particular. By choosing one goal to complete at a time, you will avoid being distracted by the other things you want to accomplish. Keep it simple! 

What does freedom mean to you? 

Everyone has their own definition of personal freedom. For some, it might be to make their own schedule or to travel the world. For others, it might be to walk without assistance for the rest of their life or watch their grandchildren grow up. It’s up to YOU to determine this for yourself. Allow your definition of personal freedom to motivate you to accomplish your long-term health goal. 

Once you’ve defined which one thing you want to achieve, it’s time to focus on what could potentially hinder you from or bring you closer to accomplishing that goal. Consider these two questions: 

How frequently does work take priority over your physical health? 

Do you find yourself skipping a workout or missing a healthy meal because of work? We tend to place work as our top priority because it provides us with the financial means to do what we enjoy. I encourage you to decide on a specific time each day that you will turn work “off” and focus on your physical health. This will keep your mind clear and bring you one step closer every day to reaching your goal. 

What are three things that you can do today to help you achieve your health goal? 

Would sleeping more, eating better, taking supplements, exercising, meditating, or releasing stress better help you attain your goal? Decide on three things and begin implementing them today. Focus on completing these three things one day at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

Now that you’ve determined what you want to achieve and how you want to do it, it’s time to begin! If you start to feel unsure of your goal, consider these four questions once again. For more tips on how to achieve your long-term health goal, tune into​ Episode 42 of the Fit Is Freedom podcast

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