The Right Daypack Makes Hiking Easy! - Episode 150

The Right Daypack Makes Hiking Easy! – Episode 150

Episode Summary

If you’d like to learn from my many hiking and adventure faux pas and save yourself the learning curve, join me on this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast.  I outline my outdoor adventure must-haves including:

  • Water
  • Electrolytes
  • Daypack
  • Trekking Poles

Along with this, I’ll share my tips and advice on how to pick the right items for you, your adventures, and your climate! 

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Outdoor Adventure Must-Haves

I was reminiscing with a client recently about embarrassing experiences in the great outdoors. As we were swapping stories, she shared how she literally brought a Dixie cup of water for her first long outdoor run. Writing it out sounds so silly, but oftentimes, we go on these amazing outdoor adventures and will find ourselves in these kinds of situations where we’re underprepared for what is to come! Because of this, I’m going to be sharing my outdoor adventure non-negotiables.


Whenever you’re doing anything outdoors, water is the biggest necessity. As a general rule of thumb, it’s suggested to drink .5 liters of water for every hour of exercise.  This can greatly vary though based on the weather, your body composition, and how strenuous your exercise is.

On hikes, runs, or really any outdoor activity, I always have a bladder to hold my water. Most bladders hold between 2-3 liters of water, which would work for 3-5 hours of exercise.

Tips for Water Bladders

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect water bladder, you want to make sure you first find one that is comfortable to you! If you regularly go on longer adventures, you may want to get a 3 liter bladder, but if you simply do shorter trail runs in favorable weather, then a 2 liter will work just fine!


Essentially, electrolytes are the good salt and minerals that your body loses as it sweats. While Gatorade may be the most widely used form of electrolyte, there are so many out there with a lot less sugar and additives. If you’re like me and live in a hot climate area where you sweat a lot during your adventures, or your adventures are longer than an hour, electrolytes may also be a must-have for you! 

Tips for Finding the Perfect Electrolyte Drink

There are so many options out there. While I personally like Nuun, the best advice I have for finding the perfect electrolytes for you is to just sample them. Pay attention to how your body responds and how you feel. Does it sit well with your stomach? Do you like the taste? Buy some samples and be open to trying a few before landing on an electrolyte that works best for you!  


Daypacks are another must-have when adventuring because you’re going to need a place to store some supplies! There are daypacks, running vests, and everything in between. Be sure to check out my video on the Fit Is Freedom Youtube Channel to see all of the different kinds of packs I use and my pros and cons for each one! 

Tips for Finding the Perfect Daypack

If you’re going on a small trip (just a few hours), you aren’t going to be needing many things. You will need water, some electrolytes, sunscreen, and maybe a little snack. For this kind of activity, a running vest may be best.  If you’re doing an all-day adventure somewhere, you may want to invest in a daypack. Either way, when you’re trying to find the perfect daypack for you, comfort is of the utmost importance! Look for packs that can adjust, and make sure you try it out before setting out on your adventure!

Trekking Poles

The final adventure must-haves on my list are trekking poles! There seems to be a debate about whether you should use one or two on your hike, but I always advise to use two! 

Tips for Finding the Perfect Trekking Poles

My biggest tip for finding the perfect trekking poles is to find ones that are expandable and contractible. When you are hiking up steep hills, you’ll want poles to be shorter and when you’re hiking down that steep hill, you’ll need them to be longer. Other than looking for adjustability, you also will want to feel the handles for comfort. Personally, I prefer cork handles, but that is completely a preference from trying out a bunch of different ones. So get out there and enjoy some hiking!

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