Supplement Secrets: The Supplements That Power My Fitness – Episode 235

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It’s important to note that all of these supplements aren’t used daily. While some are, most are used in a supplemental way, meaning that I use them when I feel I need them.


  • Emergen-C (immune +) – This is great for increasing immunity and great to have in the cabinet for those wintry months or cold seasons.
  • Collagen Synthesis – I typically will take this a half an hour before a workout. Since taking this, I have noticed my pain dissipating.
  • Sparkle Skin Boost – Another great pre-workout that I’ll throw into the mix occasionally.
  • Creatine – I only use this when I am lifting weights to get the full benefits.

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Protein Sources

As a vegetarian, I make sure to prioritize my protein intake since animal products typically have great sources of protein like eggs, meats, and cottage cheese.  Here are some ways I include protein that’s vegetarian friendly…


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