“Try” and Fail or “Commit” and Achieve

Any fellow coffee-lovers here? I discovered my love for coffee at the very young age of eight years old. After staying up for the majority of the night secretly reading my Dad’s fictional books, I couldn’t wake up for school in the morning. Once my mom had enough of trying to force me out of bed, she decided to wake me with a warm cup of Joe filled with cream and sugar every morning. 

Over the years, I tried to improve my health by removing cream and sugar from my daily cup of coffee and replacing it with stevia or nothing at all. I continually tried to stay away from this sugary goodness until the weekend rolled around, which gave me an excuse to splurge. Then Monday rolled around, and I continued adding it into my drink. Before I knew it, I was consuming cream and sugar every time I had coffee. No matter how hard I “tried,” I continually failed. 

After researching the definition of “try,” I found that this tricky word means to “make an attempt or effort to do something.” That made sense! I was definitely trying to kick my unhealthy habit, but it would never stick. I then came across the definition of “commitment” and discovered that it is “the state or quality of being dedicated.” Now that’s what I needed! I needed to make a commitment to removing cream and sugar from my diet instead of just trying to. 

Whether you’re looking to ditch the sugar, eat healthier, or work out more often, make a COMMITMENT to achieving your goal! Remove the word “try” from your vocabulary since we both know that it won’t get you very far. Consider these three simple ways to commit to conquering your goal. 

Give It 90 Days 

Commit to implementing your new habit for 90 days. I’ve found that 30 days is too soon to see lasting results and six months so too long to wait for results. Imagine how you will feel and/or look in only three short months if you make a change today. Use that vision to motivate yourself! 

Share It With Your Support Group 

Share your commitment with people who will support and encourage you to reach your end goal. Update them when you’re feeling unmotivated or when you notice exciting results. Choose these people wisely! 

Write It Down 

Write down your goal in a journal every morning and every night. This will keep it at the forefront of your mind and be a reminder of where you are headed. Wake up and go to sleep with it on your mind! 

Now you’re ready to make a commitment to conquering your goal once and for all. No more “try” and fail, only “commit” and achieve. You can do it! For more tips and examples about achieving success through “commitment,” tune into Episode 46 of the Fit Is Freedom podcast. 

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