What Happened Here?

In the big scheme of things, and coke and 2 pieces of pizza aren’t the end of the world. But, when it’s wayyyyyy outside of your norm, and there was no pre-thought of some “cheat meal” or anything, then there was a breakdown somewhere along the way. After the breakdown, I had to ask myself. What happened?

I wasn’t sleeping well. I’d woken at 2:30 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. Finally, around 3:30 I gave up and got up.

Mistake #1 an unplanned day.

I went to sleep with too many unresolved thoughts in my mind. (listen to Podcast Episode 021 Sleep is a Super Power for an in-depth look at why sleep is so vital and tips on getting your best sleep every night, or at least as often as superwoman possible).

Mistake #2 unplanned food.

Waking up super early leads to me skipping breakfast and going straight into lunch mode at 9:30 in the morning. I would have been better off grabbing a green drink, smoothie or fruit when I wanted something different than a breakfast salad or a bar, my two go to breakfast meals. Since I was traveling, I had decided not to pre-make or prepare any food for my meals.

Mistake #3 no plans for exercise.

I didn’t exercise that morning. I was traveling during the week and I wanted to try and cram in all my to-do’s before heading out of town. So instead of scheduling my morning workouts and figured I’d “fit them in”. That day I was going to work out in the evening when I finished work. Oh Kelly, know thyself! I DON’T work out in the evening unless I have exercise plans with friends. I just won’t stop to fit it in.

Mistake #4 breaking my schedule rules.

I typically do not have early morning meetings but that particular day I had made an exception. I was rushing to get something in my stomach since I was hungry and was going to be on the phone for an hour.

Into the kitchen for a quick forge. What was sitting in the fringe, completely forgotten until I started digging? The pizza Phil had brought home over the weekend. What’s a couple of slices of pizza for breakfast, anyway?

Once I had pizza, my meeting, skipped exercise, and I was getting tired I started to feel stressed. Enter the piece de resistance, a “Mexican” coke. (So called in Texas because it is made from sugar and not high fructose corn syrup so it’s a healthy coke). A coke is my go-to excuse when I’m really stressed. Hey, don’t judge. I’m a recovering from my habit of eating an entire box of macaroni and cheese when I was younger and stressed. My dirty secret is I keep a few small bottles of coke on hand, just in case. I do usually break one out every month or two.

There you have it. A cascading effect of mistakes and bad decisions precipitated by lack of


Our actions build on each other, save yourself the poor food choices and calories and plan, plan to win.

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