CBD & Women – an interview with Dr. Leslie Apgar and Gina Dubbé

CBD & Women – an interview with Dr. Leslie Apgar and Gina Dubbé – Episode 115

Today on the podcast, I’m completely out of my wheelhouse with this incredibly fascinating topic, so I’ve brought in Dr. Leslie Apgar and Gina Dubbe from Greenhouse Wellness to shed light on all things Cannabis.

We hear about it everywhere. New CBD shops are popping up around the country. Cannabis, hemp, THC, CBD…What is it? What’s the difference between them all? Why are people flocking towards this industry?

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Dr. Apgar is a board-certified OBGYN by trade and an author.  She joined forces with Gina Dubbe, a venture capital expert who sold a highly ranked Forbes company.  Together, they created an opportunity to help women find relief for a variety of challenges, illnesses, and pains. 

On the podcast, they’ll be sharing some incredible insights including…

  • Why Cannabis is an exit drug for the opioid crisis
  • The difference between Cannabis and THC
  • Common misconceptions about Cannabis
  • How Cannabis can help women 

Join me this week and learn something new alongside me! 

Listen to the full episode below!

Greenhouse Wellness Website
cannabis-infused products for women, by women
Greenhouse Wellness on Instagram

High Heals: How Two Women Found Their Footing in the Medical Cannabis Industry

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