Episode 062 – Proven Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

Struggling to get enough zzz's?

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When we sleep, we heal. 

Sleeping is as important as eating well and exercising.  When we sleep, our bodies and brains recover. Our immune system heals and good sleep might even help you lose weight. (If you needed anymore reasons to do everything you can to improve your nightly sleep time).

In this episode we talk about some of the many things you can do to improve your sleep.  Here are a few highlights, and be sure to grab today’s download with thirteen tips to a good night’s sleep!

  • A good sleep environment is dark, cool and quiet. 
  • Bringing work to bed with you ensures your brain is going to stay active long after the day is done.  This includes your laptop and your unfinished worries of the day. If you wrap up your day with a clear view of what is in store tomorrow, it will help alleviate stressful thoughts during the night.
  • Stay away from caffeine and alcohol, stop drinking caffeine by the early afternoon and alcohol a few hours before bed.
  • Sugar may be a contributor to poor sleep as well.
  • Sleep Gear:
    • White noise machine 
    • Mouth Guard if you grind your teeth
    • Blue light glasses 
    • Use a red light for reading
    • Journal if you are having trouble with your thoughts
    • Instead of melatonin use a product called deep sleep.
    • If you use screens, like a kindle, turn down the brightness (or use the Easy Eyes app) and read something that isn’t too engaging. 

Remember, when we sleep we heal.  Sleep is not a negotiable in life and just making a few small tweaks can add to up to a more restful night!

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