Consistency is Everything – Episode 044

Kelly’s hosting a Q&A episode for this week, and in fishing for questions she received a lot about consistency—working out consistently, eating well consistently, generally just sticking to a repeatable routine that keeps you active and healthy day in and day out, rather than something we only do sporadically. It’s one thing to throw yourself into a new workout or diet, but another thing entirely to keep sticking to them after the novelty wears off.

In this episode, Kelly emphasizes the importance of keeping your routines simple, suggests ways a friend can hold you accountable and explains the dangers of bargaining with yourself. PLUS, Kelly dives deeper into what you can get out of Fit Is Freedom’s Fit, Free and Fabulous Fitness Storm!

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– Why making things as simple as possible is key to keeping things consistent.

– Figure out what’s derailing you from meeting your regular goals and whether you’re working toward or running away from something.

– Don’t be ashamed of slipping behind your fitness agenda—make a point of scheduling time for these potential slip-ups!

– Why negotiating with yourself can be the riskiest part of staying on track.

– Ask a friend to hold you accountable when you start to slip away from your health plans.

– How your identity is the very bottom “pillar” of consistency.


“Is what you say you want what you really want?”

“A lot of us could do better by just forgiving ourselves a little bit.”

“We’re not going to nail it a hundred per cent of the time all the time.”

“It’s kind of like moving toward gain and moving away from pain.”

“Be a detective for yourself.”

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