Episode – 050 Is It Too Late to Get In Shape?

One of Kelly’s deepest fears is that someday she’ll be too old and physically unfit to participate in the activities she’d like to be a part of. The date this episode goes up—August 5—is actually Kelly’s birthday! So you can understand why that particular anxiety might be on her mind. But don’t fret: while you’ll obviously need to prepare more and go slowly as you’re older, there’s really no upper limit to when you can get in shape.

In this episode, Kelly discusses three people who didn’t get in shape until their later years and explains how you can do the same without hurting yourself. In addition, Kelly’s 10-week fitness experience—the Fit, Fun & Freedom Formula—is live today! Submit your application HERE!

The Finer Details of This Episode:

– The inspiring stories of Mimi Secor, James Owen and Daphne Belt and what you can learn from them.

– Kelly’s tip for getting into the swing of later-life fitness: keep things slow and consistent.

– Keep in mind that if you’re exercising in middle age or your golden years, you’re at greater risk of injury.

– Variety is not only the spice of life, it will keep your fitness routine exciting as well!


“Start slow, whatever you’re doing.”

“Let your body catch up with your lack of movement.”

“Put age out of your mind. It’s not a reality.”


Younger Next Year

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