Episode 056 – Will Your Future-Self Thank You?

If you’re catching this episode when we go live, the world is still in the throes of the COVID19 spread. With the rampant uncertainty about the virus and the duration of social distancing and isolation, it’s a time more than ever when we need to manage our thoughts and our mindset! One of the mental drains that I’m seeing show up more and more is the total disruption of routines. Add that to an uncertain future and time frame and it’s enough to throw anyone into a downward spiral.

Today we discuss some of the actions you can take right now to help you settle your worry-mind down and create some future-facing joy.

One big way to manage our routines and our habits is to remember that what is going on right now will not be going on forever, who do you want to be on the other side of this? Look at your new habits and routines. Have you adjusted or have you slipped into habits that don’t serve you? Are you stress-eating? Have you quit exercising? Are you letting the stress disrupt your sleep? What can you do to adjust your schedule to work better for you right now?

Something you can do right now to help you feel more in control, start making some plans! Your plans don’t have to have dates associated with them, just actions. I’m planning a couple of kayaking trips to rivers I have never been to. This may not be the year they happen, but when I do go I’ll have already picked places I can stay, towns to visit, determined if I need a guide and located some local guides. These aren’t perfect plans but they’re giving me a broad brushstroke of what will be needed so I have foundation laid.

What have you always wanted to do? This is the perfect time to start making plans, getting educated. Making plans makes us feel like we have some control in our lives. The dates may change but the basic plan can stay the same.

Create new routines that work within the “new normal” right now. A positive mind is a calm mind. Make sure you give yourself something to look forward to. And remember, “this too shall pass”.

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