Episode 059 – Why Consistency is So Important for Your Fitness

Staying consistent when it comes to our fitness is one of the most important things we can do.  But, consistency often is a by-product of our routines and if you’re like everyone else in the world right now, your routines might just be a bit topsy-turvy.

This week we have brought back one of the #1 downloaded episodes and it’s all about tips, tricks and a few hacks designed to help you stay consistent with what matters, no matter what is going on around you.

When it comes to consistency, the final outcome is not the win.  The win is when you take the first smallest step possible, and then follow it from there.

“Getting  to the gym is not the win, getting into the car and starting it is.”

The next step: be a detective in your life. Look into your life and see what are the things that are taking away your ability to be consistent. What am I moving toward and what am I running away from?  Where can you negotiate with whoever you need to; family, work, commitments, to find time for yourself?

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