Episode 065 – Slipping backward or Moving Forward?

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What do you do when you feel like the progress you’d been making suddenly starts feeling like it’s slipping all away.  Like it’s a thing of the past?

Personally, I’ve had a few health issues that slowed me down lately and reminded me of how tough starting over can be, especially when you’re just going through the motions.

One of my fitness ‘tricks’ to get me back on track and moving forward is to come up with a “Something to Look Forward To” plan.  Sometimes a driving factor in getting in shape or starting a workout plan is we feel we need to lose weight or need to “look better” for some upcoming event.  It could be a wedding, summer, a trip, whatever it is, it’s something that’s outside of us.  It’s not to wake up feeling amazing, it’s a “should” instead of a “want”.

Think about that.  A should is heavy.  A want is fun. 

What’s something that you’d really like to do?  Something that would be so much fun and that being in shape for it would make it that much better?

We need things to look forward to and when we aren’t feeling our best, we REALLY need something fun to strive for.  Fitness isn’t about how you look, but about how you can perform, what you can do, how you feel.

  • Start slow and (re)build your foundation
  • Create your workout schedule. If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.
  • But, be flexible with yourself.  If something throws off your scheduled workout, pivot and find a way to keep moving forward.
  • Make yourself your priority wherever and whenever you can.  Making your workouts and wellness a top priority means you’re going to increase your energy, clear your mind, and up your mental game for everyone around you.
  • When I’m sweating for a fun goal, it’s a whole lot easier to stay on track.

Think a Dream Adventure might be a great idea to get you motivated?  Jump on the Priority List below and learn more.  Together, let’s train for some future fun!

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